Saturday, March 23, 2013

Current Affairs Last Six months Bits

1. In which country the tallest communication tower named ‘skruty’ is suituated ?
Answer: Tokyo (Japan)

2. Who is the worlds shortest women who is still alive ?
Answer: Jyothi Amge

3. Who is the new leader of North Korea who has been recently elected ?
Answer: Kim Jong Un

4. How many years have been completed by African National Congress recently ?
Answer: 100 yrs .

5. Who is the first Indian American person who had been elected as governor for Lousiana in states of U.K.?
Answer: Bobby Jindal .

6. Which year is called as ‘International Year Of Cooperative’ according to UNO ?
Answer: 2012 year

7. Worlds oldest yoga teacher who had been entered in Guinnes Book of Records for yoga recently ?
Answer: Bernice Bates .

8. After how many years America had totaly set back his millitary army from Irak ?
Answer: 9yrs

9. Shoedar ‘ cruze missile was launched and tested by by which country ?
Answer: Iran

10. Who is the American Ambassidor to India in 2011?
Answer: Timothy J.Reomer.

11. For how many yrs the great leader of North Korea has headed the country ?
Answer: 17 yrs

12. Which is the Worlds first Hydrogen based three wheeler vehicle ?
Answer: High Alpha

13. Who is the person who had won the election in US Republican in Florida Primary results recently ?
Answer: Mitt Romney

14. According to the new census Jan 2012 , what is the % population of China ?
Answer: 51.27 %

15. Who’s name had been kept for the fly over bridge constructed in Islamabad recently?
Answer: Yousaf Raja Gillani .

16 Who is the President who had signed on millitary spending bills twice recently ?
Answer: Barack Obama

17. Which is the nation which joined UNO organisation recently ?
Answer: Pakistan

18. A credit Standard and Poor’s , due to which reasons it had reduced the rating of France , Italy and other 9 countries recently ?
Answer: Debt crices.

19. According to the fortune magazine ‘s annual ranking for 100 besr companies to work for 2012,which company stood first ?
Answer: Google.

20. Who inagurated the new mission control centre the SHAR ?
Answer: Prathiba Patil

21. Who is the Managing director for the International Monetary Fund ( I M F )?
Answer: Christine Legaude .

22. Which was the protest movement that begain against financial greed & curruption in America recently ?
Answer: Occupy wall street

23. On 20 Jan 2012, Russia had leased which nuclear powered submarine to India recently ?
Answer: K-152 Nerpa

24. Which country has got the deal of 126 fighters to India recently ?
Answer: French

25. In American International affairs website which state of Indian borders have been wrongly mapped
Answer: Jammu Kashmir

26. How many countries have signed the multilateral agreement to check tax evasion and avoidence recently ?
Answer: three

27. Which two countries agreed to establish a working mechanism on consultation and coordination
on border affairs ?
Answer: India & China

28. In which feild India and Japan had made agreement to enhance their cooperation ?
Answer: Infrastructure sector

29. What is the place of India in a global press freedom index in the past years ?
Answer: 131

30. On which issue India & USA signed recently ?
Answer: Labuor & employment

31. How many agreements India had signed with Trinidad & Tobago ?
Answer: 5

32. Name the new pact which was signed by the countries recently ?
Answer: shade

33. The birthday of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam was declared as ?
Answer: National Mathematics Day

34. Where will be the first cooperative university will set up ?
Answer: Sibsagar (Assam )

35. Which year is celebrated as National Mathematics day ?
Answer: 2012

36. What is the Total per capital income of all states in India ?
Answer: Rs.54,835 /-

37. Which ministry had been given to Mr. Ajit singh by the U P A government ?
Answer: Civil Aviation minister

38. How many news paper companies have been registered under the ‘Register of News paper’s for India ‘ according to the authority in 2010-2011?
Answer: 4853

39. What is the mascot name for national youth festival ?
Answer: Yakhi

40. On which day our national anthem ‘Janaganamana ‘ has completed its hundred years ?
Answer: 27-12-2011

41. Who is the first women who had been selected as Javan in Indian Army ?
Answer: Santhi Tigga

42. Who is the 19th Director General of Indian coast guard ?
Answer: M.P.Muralidharan

43. To whom was the Review commite on the Delhi School Education Act &Rules 1973 (DSEAR-79)
report was submitted?
Answer: Sheila Dikshit

44. According to the survey done by the ‘ Brand Trust Report ‘ who is the person who had won the
confidence of peoplein the country ?
Answer: Anna Hazare

45. In which five years plan the national slum development programme will be launched by the
government ?
Answer: 12th five years plan

46. Who had launched the Interanet ‘Prahari Project ‘ worth of 299 crore recently?
Answer: P.Chidambaram

47. The ISRO chief Madhavan Nair and other three who were blacklisted in which deal, the
government quit them away?
Answer: Antrix – Devas

48. From which year the implementation of common medical entrance test will be conducted
according to the medical council of India ?
Answer: 2013

49. Which is the nodel agency for all anti -terror activities in the country, for which the government
gave approval recently?
Answer: National counter Terrorism Centre

50. Who is the chief guest for the ‘ Pravasi Bharathiya Devas ‘ conference held at Jaipur on Jan 7th
2012 ?
Answer: Kamal PerseBissesor

51. Where was the United Nation Research center for the North-East set up recently ?
Answer: Guwahati

52. From which year the implementation of common medical entrance test will be conducted according to the medical council of India ?
Answer: 2013

53. Name the project which was inagurated by Mr.Chidambaram recently worth of 299 crore ?
Answer: Interanet Prahari projet

54. The Panch Parmeshwar scheme was launched by which state government ?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

55. In 2010-2011 ,what is the per capital income of Andhra pradesh ?
Answer: Rs.60,458/-

56. Name the chief minister who had won the award for great vaccine innovation ?
Answer: Nitish Kumar

57. According to the report presented by the central government our state debt in the year 2010- 2011 is ?
Answer: Rs.1,32,805 crore

58. Which Indian company is going launch a new diesel plant in Gurgoan recently ?
Answer: Maruthi

59. The bullet train between which two states will announced in railway budget 2012?
Answer: Ahmedabad-Mumbai

60. For the year 2012 in which place Andhra pradesh stood in urbunisation?
Answer: 17th

61. For how many Assembly seats election have been held in Uttarakhand on 30th Jan 2012 recently?
Answer: 70

62. Which state governor’s period has been extended by one year by the government recently ?
Answer: Andhra pradesh

63. Which state had agreed for the establishment of internal state board for pranahita- chevella sujatha sravanti project ?
Answer: Maharashtra

64. Who is the person replaced in the place of E.Sridharan for Delhi Metro Rail M D on 31st Dac 2011?
Answer: Mangu singh

65. In which state the 10th Pravasi Bharathi Divas event inagurated from Jan 7th to 9th 2012 ?
Answer: Jaipur

66. What is the total strentgh of Muncipalities in the state A .P ?
Answer: 161

67. Who is the governor of Tamilnadu who has been appointed recently ?
Answer: K.Rosaiah

68. Which are the two states where assembly elections had been held on 30 th Jan 2012 ?
Answer: Punjab ,Uttarkhand

69. The assembly polling were held on 28th Jan 2012 for how many seats in Manipur ?
Answer: 60

70. In which place our state warangal NIT stands according to the survey done by the country ?
Answer: 8th

71. According to the national election commision which state minister had been ordered to cover the status of elephants which are election symbol of the party recently ?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

72. For many seats the assembly election had been held in Punjab ?
Answer: 117

73. Which state University had given Dr. to the Bangladesh P.M Shaik Hassina recently ?
Answer: Tripura

74. In which state the united nation research center for north -east set up ?
Answer: Assam

75. Which is the first state to issue e-stamp papers in all denominations in India ?
Answer: Delhi

76. According to the National child Right which state stood in top one position ?
Answer: Kerala

77. Which state topped in the list in utilizing the fund for minorities according to the minority affairs
Answer: Jammu & kashmir

78. How many new tourism projects have been sanctioned for Jammukashmir by the union government?
Answer: 7

79. In which city the geospatail world forum 2012 conference was held recently ?
Answer: Hyderabad

80. Which is the forum which had conference on the current & relavent issues on global problems recently?
Answer: World Economic Forum (WEF)

81. On which issue the conference is being organized by International Advanced Research centre for
powder metallurgy and new materials (ARCI) recently ?
Answer: Nano science technology

82. On which issue President Pratibha Paatil constituted a committee recently ?
Answer: Production of Agriculture sector

83. Who had been awarded Sialedra Kumar singh award by the (UPA) chair person Sonia Gandhi?
Answer: D.Balavenkatatesh verma

84. To whom the Guljarilal Nanda ‘Bharat Sevak Samaj has been awardedby Kerala government?
Answer: T.K.Nair

85. The prestegious International sports Association ‘Fair play’ is awarded to which player?
Answer: Mahendrasingh Dhoni

86. How many people have been awarded the prestegious Man Asia award from India ?
Answer: 3 persons

87. The Mahatma Gandhi International Award for peace & Reconsilation award has been presented to
whom ?
Answer: Dalai Lama

88. Who had given the 2011 FIFA Best player award on 9th Jan 2012?
Answer: Lionel Messi

89. Who has been shortlisted for UK’s Biggest contemporary Art Prize , Artes mundi recently?
Answer: Sheela Gowda

90. Who is the person who had conferred the Ashoka Chakra on 63rd Republic Day by the president
Pratibha Patil ?
Answer: Lt.Navdeep singh

91. To which award the Indian American sciencetist Venkataram Ramakrishna has been selected by
the Britan ?
Answer: Knight hood

92. On which date the Infosis 2011 awards have been awarded recently at Banglore ?
Answer: Jan 9th

93. Which university has honoured ‘Dr’ to Bangladesh P.M Shaik Hassina recently ?
Answer: Tripura university

94. For the yr2011 who had won the perstegious (CNR ) sahitya puraskaram recently?
Answer: Ratna Markandapuram Srinivas

95. Who has been presented with pride of India award by the Indian -American community in
Answer: Mallikarjuna Kharge

96. Which university had got the honour ‘Universities with potecial for excellence’?
Answer: Ossamania university

97. Who is the Bollywood actor who had received a green globe award from Arnold Schwaizenegger
recently ?
Answer: Abishek Bachan

98. How many researchers got Infosis prize for the year 2011, which was presented by the former
president A.P.J Abdul Kalam?
Answer: 6

99. Who had won the best steel company of India for the year 2009-2010 ?
Answer: Steel Authority of India

100. Where was the 69th golden globe awards been presented on 15 th Jan 2012 ?
Answer: Los angeles

101. Which award has been given to the famous music director A.R Rahamn for the muisc composing
for the song ‘If I Rise ‘ ?
Answer: Critics choice movie

102. Name the person Who had run barefoot 150 km in 24 hours and made a new world record ?
Answer: Abhijeet Buruah

103. Who is the first Indian women to have received an International Grand Master tittle in the game
of chess championship to get gold medal ?
Answer: Koneru Humpy

104. Who has been selected for ‘ player of the year award given by all India football assocaition ?
Answer: Sunil chhetri

105. Who had won the world super series batmintton tittle ?
Answer: Wang-Yihan (china)

106. In which country the women’s team chess championship tournament held ?
Answer: Turkey

107. For the year 2011, who had been selected for International Tennis Federation Woeld champion
Answer: Novak djikovic

108. Which country had won the Hopman cup tennis tittle which held on Jan 7th 2012?
Answer: Czech republic

109. Where will the Assia criket cup matches 2012 will be conducted ?
Answer: Bangladesh

110. For which game Abinav Bindra won gold medal ?
Answer: Air rifle shooting

111. In which place the South Central Asian Gymnastics championships event held recently ?
Answer: Dhaka

112. Who is the person who had won the FIFA Ballond’or award recently ?
Answer: Lionel Messi

113. International player for batmiton Sina Nehal has ranked which place recently?
Answer: 4th

114. Who are the two Indian shooters who got selected for the London olympic games ?
Answer: Manavjeet singh sidhu & Imran Hassankhan

115. Who is the first Indian tennis player who won the carier men’s doubles grand slam 2012?
Answer: Leander paes

116. In the Archery championship from AP Jyothi surekha got which medal ?
Answer: Gold medal

117. In which place India stood in the International test series ranking ?
Answer: 3rd place

118. In which country the 2012 Olympic Hockey tournament is going to be held ?
Answer: London

119. Who is the Indian criket player who stood in top ten positions according to ICCranking ?
Answer: Sachin tendulkar

120. Which is the country who had invited the sand artist Sudharshan Pattnaik from Odisha to parcipate at the International Sand Championship recently?
Answer: Japan

121. What is the revised economic GDP growth rate for 2011-2012 financial year ?
Answer: 8.4 %

122. Which are the two countries where female infant mortality is higher than male infant mortality?
Answer: India & China

123. India had signed a TIEA agreement with which country ?
Answer: Guernsey

124. What is the national infant mortality rate reduced from ?
Answer: 50 % to 47 %

125. What is industrial growth rate in Dec 2011 ?
Answer: 3.1 %

126. How much can a customer transact per day by way of mobile banking ?
Answer: Rs.50,000/-

127. How much money is government going to spend on economic census for the year 2012?
Answer: 800 crore

128. Name the bank which has been opened by SBI, which is exclusively for women customers ?
Answer: Vasundhara Jubilee Senoritia

129. What is the minimum investment amount per client managed by portfolio manages decided by
Answer: Rs.25,000 to 5,00,000

130. How much of fund is spent on improving quality education by all states in 2009-2010 in a survey?
Answer: 1%

131. Which country had successfully launched an observation satellite into orbit above earth recently?
Answer: Iran

132. Who will audit the performance of the schemes under the ministers of rural development ?
Answer: Comptroller & Auditor General of India

133. Regarding to check tax evasion & avoidance India had signed a multilateral agreement with
which countries recently ?
Answer: France &German

134. What is the gross national income grew in the year 2010-2011 ?
Answer: 7.9 %

135. Which powered ATM’s are going to be installed in the rural areas by the government ?
Answer: Solar power

136. What is the GDP growth percentage for the year 2011-2012 according to the government
estimation ?
Answer: 6.9 %

137. Scientists had produced a artificial human semen which will help in what?
Answer: Infertile men

138. Which beverage can be treat tremors in humans recently ?
Answer: Alcohol

139. High speed bullet train was launched by which country at Quingdao ?
Answer: China

140. Which missile was successfully test fired by India recently ?
Answer: Agni-1

141. From which place the Interceptor missile was launched successfully?
Answer: Orissa

142. The earth observation satellite from where it was launched recently ?
Answer: Sriharikota

143. Which country has invented the worlds fastest K-computor recently ?
Answer: Japan

144. Which is the earth -size planet orbiting in space discovered by the NASA’s kepler?
Answer: kepler- 20e & 20f

145. Who has been appointed as microfinance ombudsman for the SKS microfinance ?
Answer: Virghese Jacob

146. Who is the 19th Director general of Indian coast Guard ?
Answer: M.P.Muralidharan

147. Who is the new 7th chief minister of Arunachal pradesh ?
Answer: Naban tukisworn

148. Who is the new advocate general who was appointed by state government ?
Answer: D.Sundharam reddy

149. Who is the independent Director of Infotec enterprises for the year 2012 ?
Answer: Vikas sehgal

150. Who is the person who is US ambassador to India resigned in the year 2011 ?
Answer: Timothy Roemer

151. Which state minister had resigned recently after indictment in illegal mining scan ?
Answer: Karnataka

152. Who is the women general secretary for SAARC who resigned recently?
Answer: Fathima Dhiyana Saeed

153. M.B.Hussan Farook who died recently was the governor of which state ?
Answer: Kerala

154. The former deputy chief minister P.Jaganath rao who died recently worked in which year cabinet?
Answer: 1982

155. Freedom fighter of Indian diplomacy who was an architect of Indo-soviet treaty passed away in
New Delhi on 31st Jan 2012 ?
Answer: A.K.Damodharam

156. Who is the P.M of Thailand who visited India and has been the chief guest for the 63rd Republic Day ?
Answer: Yingluck Shina Watra

157. Who is the president of Mali who visited India recently ?
Answer: Amadou Toumani Toure

158. Kamla persad Bissesar is Prime minister for which country who visited India recently ?
Answer: Trindad &Tobago

159. Which countries P.M is Sheik Hasina who visited India on 12th Jan 2012 ?
Answer: Bangladesh

160. Who is the Myanmar oposition leader who is standing for parliment on 1st April by election in
Answer: Aung San Suu Kyi

161. What did the pakistan supreme court said against its P.M Yousaf Raza Gilani recently ?
Answer: Not an honest man

162. Who had been Jailed more than 20 years for charging against secretly filming T.V documentery ?
Answer: Sarah Ferguson

163. What is the magnitude of earth quake on rickter scale which took place in Japan recently ?
Answer: 7

164. Who is the author of the book who wrote “20 great personalities of India” ?
Answer: Gopalkrishna Gandhi

165. Who wrote the book ‘ Pharaoh & the King ‘ ?
Viswanath Venkat Dasari

166. Which is the book writen by MarkTuly recently ?
Answer: Non stop India

167. Who wrote the book’ The sence of an ending ‘?
Answer: Julian Barnes

168. Who is the author who had recieved’ Business Book of the year award’ 2010 for his book ‘ Fault
Answer: Raghuraman rajan

169. Who had constituted a committee to increase the productivity of agriculture sector?
Answer: Pratibha Patil

170. Where was the 19th ASEAN summit took place ?
Answer: Bali ( Indonesia)

171. To whom the review committee on the Delhi Education Act & Rules 1973 submitted its report ?
Answer: Sheila Dikshit

172. . Who had won the US Republic Florida Primary election held recently ?
Answer: Mitt Romney

173. By the end of which year the American military is going to end the combat operations in
Answer: 2013yr

174. What is the mechanism policy of EU to double their renewable energy?
Answer: Rio+20

175. In which place the National Australia Bank was opened its Maiden Branch in India recently ?
Answer: Mumbai

176. Which country is going to grant India the MFN status by the end of 2012 ?
Answer: Pakistan

177. Who is new US abbassador to India ?
Answer: Nancy J.Powell

178. What is the bilateral trade target set up by India & China recently
Answer: $100b

179. China wants to work with India in which issue recently ?
Answer: piracy fight

180. Between which two countries the 12th defence policy group meeting was held in New delhi ?
Answer: India & US

181 .Which disease had been included in lifestyle other than diabetes and hypertension ?
Answer: cancer

182. Which are the three most happiest countries where people reside ?
Answer: Indonesia,India &Mexico

183.. From which place India is going to test its most ambitious missile Agni- V ?
Answer: Odisha

184. According to researchers which country is losing its forests more rapidly ?
Answer: India

185. Samsung had launched which type of note book into the market recently ?
Answer: series 5 ultra

186. From which date the implementation of Matatma Gandhi Rural Employment, Guarantee Act will
start ?

Answer: 4/1/2012
187. Who inaugurated the 12th polio summit 2012 which was held in NewDelhi recently ?
Answer: Manmohan singh

188. How many people died of malaria worldwide in 2010-2011 according to the world malaria report?
Answer: 46800

189.. Name the maths social net work in face book called ?
Answer: Teaching Tomorrow

190. Which city in A.P had decided to become cycle proud and introduced ‘no Motor vehicle’ zones
across 20km of roads ?
Answer: Vishakapatnam

191. Which state Government had shortlisted for the two companies for setting up the E-waste
dismantlity facilities ?
Answer: West Bengal

192. Who had launched a major state wide de- warming campaign in Delhi recently ?
Answer: Sheila Dikshit

193. Which state ranked top in investment proposal in the year 2011 ?
Answer: Gujarat

194. .Where was the’ National Conference on Governance’ meeting organised on Jan 29 2012 ?
Answer: New Delhi

195. . Where was the 58th annual meeting of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic
Surgeons held at ?
Answer: Kolkata

196. On which date the Indian -Asean summit was held for two days in NewDelhi recently ?
Answer: 12 th Feb

197. Who inaugurated the 15th National conference on e-governance held for two days ?
Answer: Mr.M.Naveen Patnaik

198. The P.M of Mauritius Navinchandra Ramloolam had been honoured with which Dr. recently ?
Answer: Doctor of law

199. Who had been awarded as sports women of the year 2012 recently at Laureus sports awards ?
Answer: Vivian Chruiyot

200. Who is the Indian to receive the pretigious honour, Manager of the Year 2011 award recently ?
Answer: Siva ram krishna prasad

201. To which tennis player the serbian president Boris Tadic conffered the highest Serbain award’
Gold star of Karadjordge’ for 2012?
Answer: Novack Djokovic

202. Who had been graced as chief guest for the 5th Ramnath Goenka Awards for the excellence in
Journalism 2012, held at Taj palace in NewDelhi ?
Answer: Hamid Ansari

203. Who had won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Award for 2011 ?
Answer: Rahul Batia

204.. Who had won the mens national grass court tennis championship from A.P ?
Answer: Saketh Mineni

205. Which country had won the Africa nations cup title cup which held on 13 Feb 2012 ?
Answer: Zambia

206. Who is the cricket player who had awarded with ESPN Cricin for best batting performance award
in test matches ?
Answer: Sachin tendulkar

207. W ho is the cricket batsman who had announced recently retirement from one day cricket ?
Answer: Ricky Poting

208. Who is the person, who had won the Men’s 85 plus 5km walk event held at Manipur from A.P on
the opening day of 33rd National Masters Atheletics Championship ?
Answer: G.Satyanarayana rao

209. Who won the SAIL SBI open Golf title on 25 Feb 2012 held in Delhi ?
Answer: Anirban Lahiri

210. The RBI of India is going to issue how much rupee note denomination with insert letter R in the
Mahata Gandhi series ?
Answer: Rs 1000

211. The RBI had made an announcement to bring Rs 5 coin was devoted to which person recently ?
Answer: Bhagat singh

212. Who had directed the Unoin Government to issue Broad band license to Qual comm ?
Answer: Telecom dispute settlement Appellate Tribunal

213. Who had issued a circular for development of white label automated teller machines from nonbanks ?
Answer: Reserve Bank of India

214. What is name of home cleaning robot within the vaccum cleaner segment ?
Answer: Niche

215. Which country had launched the self guided bullet missile ?
Answer: US (America )

216. What is the name of orbit above, an observation satellite launched by Iran on 3 Feb 2012 ?
Answer: Navid

217. Which is the new planet discovered by the researchers recently found water on it ?
Answer: GJ1214b

218. Name the new US-based racing bike which was manufactured by the world’s largest two wheeler
Hero Motocorp recently?
Answer: Erik Buell Rcing

219. Name the new gene, which was discovered by the UK scientists recently ?
Answer: Meg I

220. Name the China’s global navigation and positioning network known as ?
Answer: Beidou

221. Who had been appointed as the Honarary secretary for the Royal College of Surgeons of
Edinburgh from Andhrapradesh ?
Answer: Dr.P.Raghuram

222. Who is the president of Maldives who had resigned on 7 Feb 2012 ?
Answer: Mohamed Nasheed

223. Who is the world bank president who resigned recently for completing his five yrs term ?
Answer: Robert Zoelllick

224. . Who is the German president who had resigned recently over a scandal recieved before
becoming the head of the state ?
Answer: Christian Wulff

225. Who is the pop music singer ,six times Grammy award winner deid on 11 Feb 2012
Answer: Whitney Huoston

226. Who is the British Journalist who on 22 Feb was shot dead by the French photographers in Syria?
Answer: Marie Colvin

227. Who is the foriegn correspondent and a two time pulitzer prize winner died in Eastern Syria on 16
Feb 2012 ?
Answer: Anthony Shadid

228. Mr.Navinchandra Ramgoolan is P.M of which country who visited India on 7Feb 2012 for six
days ?
Answer: Mauritius

229. Name the Indian-American person who had made himself the cover of the prestigous Time
magazine recently?
Answer: Preet Bharara

230. Who is the author of the book ‘Nirbasan ‘ whose opening ceremony of the book releasing was
cancelled in India ?
Answer: Taslima Nasreen

231. Who was the author of the book ‘Time Guerrilla’ recently released of his own memoir ?
Answer: Fidel Castro

232. Name the book which was released by the vice president of India Mr.Hamid Ansari in Newdelhi
Answer: Sufism & Indian Mysticism

233. How many EU states had signed the pact for budget discipline on 2 March 2012 ?
Answer: 25 states

234. Who is the Asia ‘s richest man according to the forbes list ?
Answer: LI Ka Shing

235. Which are the most ethical firms of the world according to the report revealed by the Ethical
Institute’s ?
Answer: Tata & Wipro
236. Which is world’s largest art, antiques market owing country ?
Answer: China

237. Which country gave a call to boycott American products recently for voting against a resolution?
Answer: Srilanka

238.Who is the Arab League head , who discussed on the issue of Syrian fate failed recently held in
Cairo on 3 March2012?
Answer: Nabil Elaraby

239. Who had inaugurated the trade show in Jakarta by India, to reach the target of $ 25 billion by
2015 ?
Answer: Mr. Anand Sharma

240. Where was the Indo-Israel free trade agreement meeting was held recently?
Answer: Hyderabad

241.Which are the two new missiles developed by defense research & development laboratory handed
over to Navy & IAF on 3 March 2012?
Answer: Torpedo & Akash

242. Who is the next Army cheif for the Indian Army after the retirement of Gen.V.K.Singh on 31 May
Answer: Lt,Gen.Bikram singh

243. Who is Asia’s richest woman with a net worth of $ 12billion in our country?
Answer: Savitri Jindal

244. Who is the Foreign minister of Italy who has been camping in India relating with two Italian
Marines recently?
Answer: Staffan De Misture

245. How many new trains had been introduced by the railway minister in Railway budget 2012-13?
Answer: 75

246. Which company had opened centre of excellence for oracle recently for IT services and business
solutions ?
Answer: Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS)

247. Name the project which had been sanctioned 423crore rupees loan assistance in Gujarat from
Answer: Narmada link project

248. Which state recorded the highest voting percentage in the history of election, which were held in
the month of Feb in five states recently?
Answer: Goa

249. Who is the first independent woman loco driver in SCR?
Answer: S. Satyavathi

250. What is the assets declared by Mayawati while her nomination for the Rajya Sabha recently?
Answer: 111.64 crore

251. Which is the plan , which was launched by the Chief minister of A.P Kiran Kumar recently?
Answer: SHG Linkage credit plan

252. From which place in Andhra Pradesh the first International flight took off recently?
Answer: Visakhapatnam

253. Who inaugurated the 50th golden jubilee celebration of Afro-Asian Rural Development
Organisation held in New Delhi recently?
Answer: Manmohan singh

254. In which place the Turkey’s World Trade Bridge International Summit is going to be held ?
Answer: Istanbul

255. In which place was the International Monitory Fund Summit was held recently ?
Answer: New Delhi

256. Where was the second conference of nuclear security summit held recently?
Answer: Seoul

257.. Where will be the third Nuclear Security Summit is going to be held next year ?
Answer: Netherland

258. Who is the Telugu novelist, who had been awarded Kurra Kotisuryamma Memorial Award for his
outstanding contribution to Telugu literature?
Answer: Bheemaraju Venkataramana

259. Who is the world’s tallest man, finally stopped growing after treated ?
Answer: Sultan Kosen

260. Who had been awarded with Ugadi Puraskaram from the Andhra Pradesh Government recently?
Answer: P.Surya Rao

261. Who is the women, awarded with Nirmal Gram Puraskar for the year 2012 from Andhra Pradesh
from the President Pratibha Patil recently?
Answer: Y.Chintamma

262.How many new World Records were set up in 12 hours by the former England cricketer Andrew
Flintoff and Steve Harmison ?
Answer: 14

263. Who is the Hungarian Mathematician who has been awarded with Abel Prize for the year 2012?
Answer: Endre Szemere’de

264. To which place India dropped in ODI championship Table after losing their triangular series in
Answer: 3rd place

265. Who is cricket player who made 100 centuries in his career recently?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

266. Who is the sportswoman from Andhra Pradesh ,who is going to represent India at the World Cup
for Archery which is going to held in China in April 2012?
Answer: Jyothi Surekha

267. Who had won the BNP Paribas Women’s single title for the year 2012?
Answer: Victoria Azarenka

268. Who is the World’s no-1 ranking Golf player , Who had won the US PGA Transitions
Championship held at Florida recently?
Answer: Luke Donald

269. Who had been the ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the Asia Cup 2012 held at Dhaka recently ?
Answer: Shakib Ali Hasan

270. What is the name of the new card product which was launched by ICICI bank for the super rich
Answer: Sapphiro

271. . In which place is Indian railways in World ranking?
Answer: Fourth place

272. What is the percentage of service tax , which had been raised in the budget 2012-13?
Answer: 12%

273. What is the per capita income of India for the year 2012-13 ?
Answer: Rs. 60972

274. Which country is the highest consumer of oil in per capita terms ?
Answer: United states

275. Which country stood at the least place in service sector ?
Answer: India

276 .What is the per capita GDP of Qatar ?
Answer: 44.45 lakh

277. How much financial aid was granted by the World Bank to India ?
Answer: $4.3billion

278. Name the new equality saving scheme announced in the budget 2012-13 recently?
Answer: The Rajiv Gandhi Equality saving scheme

279. In how many planets in solar system life may exist according to the researchers ?
Answer: 5 Planets

280. What is the name of the second largest Moon of Saturn?
Answer: Rhea

281. What is the name of the submarine which had been taken as lease from Russia recently?
Answer: INS Chakra

282. Which type of Asprin was invented by the scientist to fight against Cancer?
Answer: Gas-filled

283. Who is the new M.D for Hyundai Motors India , who was appointed recently?
Answer: Bo Shin Seo

284. Who is the New President of Germany , who has been elected recently?
Answer: Joachin Gauck

285. Who is the new Railway minister for UPA Government ?
Answer: Mukhul Roy

286. Who is the Railway minister , who had resigned recently from the cabinet for raising the railway
fares ?
Answer: Dinesh Trivedi

287.Who is the philanthropist who died recently, vice chairman of Sankar foundation?
Answer: Sankar Rao

288.Who is the Egypt Ambassador, who visited India for the golden jubilee celebration of (AARDO)?
Answer: Mr.Ahmed Abulkheir

289. Who is the Turkish Ambassador who visited Hyderabad recently?
Answer: Dr.Burak Aklapar

290. Who is the managing director of International monitory fund ( IMF) , who visited India recently?
Answer: Christine Lagarde

291. Who is the Prime ministe of Canada who had visited Thailand recently?
Answer: Staphen Harper

292. Who is the US Secretary of commerce who visited India for bilateral trade meeting ?
Answer: John Bryson

293. Who is Bollywood Actress to become the sixth Bollywood celebrity to be honoured with a wax
Answer: Madhuri Dixit

294. AIMA stands for ___________All India Management Association

295. Who had written the book ” Didi: A Political biography “of Mamata Benerjee recently?
Answer: Monobina Gupta

296. Russian court dismissed the plea seeking ban on which Holly Literature book translation recently?
Answer: Bhagwad Gita

297. Aung San Suu Kyi who recently won in Myanmar parliament elections, belongs to which political
Answer : Nation League for Democracy (NLD)

298.The US Govenment announced an additional 12.2 million aid to which country recently?
Answer : Syria

299. Who is the Chief of Laskhar e-Taiba, a reward money of $10 million has been announced on him
by America?
Answer : Hafiz Saeed

300. India’s which board was admitted as the 11th member of MDEP recently?
Answer : Atomic Energy Regulatory

301.Which two countries signed an agreement on Contract Workers ?
Answer : India & UAE

302. Which countries had signed six agreements in diverse areas recently including oil& gas?
Answer : India & Qatar

303. In which country the Industrial “Canton Fair” is going to be held?
Answer : China

304. Where is the largest Tulip garden is situated in Asia?
Answer: Srinagar

305. Which country had stated to expand the members in UN Security Council recently?
Answer : India

306. Where was the oldest and largest bank of South Korea had set its branch recently in India ?
Answer : Chennai

307.Commemorative Postage Stamp of which president was released to mark the birth centenary
Answer : R.Venkataraman

308.. Union Government decided to raise working capital ECB resources for which sector recently?
Answer : Aviation sector

309. Where was the foundation stone for country’s first financial city laid up in ?
Answer : Bangalore

310. In which state the 4G services were launched recently?
Answer : Kolkata

311. In which place was the 20th ASEAN Summit held recently?
Answer : Combodia

312.Where was the RIC trilateral conference held recently?
Answers : Mascow

313. Where was the 6th summit of the Americas held recently?
Answer : Colombia

314 .Who is the Democratic leader of Myanmar awarded with Sukarno Prize for creation of Democracy in the country?
Answer : Aung San Suu Kyi

315 . Which award has been presented to Lt.Gen.Bikram Singh?
Answer : Gallantry Award

316 . Novack Djikivic world no-1 defeated whom to claim the Miami masters title in the final held in
Answer : Andy Murrey

317. Who is the first woman wrestler to be qualified for the Olympics afterwinning gold in Astana
Answer : Geeta Kumari

318. Who is the Tennis player captured her 40th career title in WTA tournament?
Answer : Sarena Williams

319 Who had won the 11th Asian Billiards championship held in Goa recently?
Answer : Pankaj Advani

320. Where was the Archery World Cup Stage-I games held recently?
Answer : Shanghai
321. Who had won the Men’s Single Asian Badminton Championship recently?
Answer : Chen Jin

322. .With the cooperation of which country Multiskill development centre is going to start in
Bangalore and Gulberg?
Answer : Germany

323. According to the World Economic Outlook report what is the lowered economic growth of India in 2012?
Answer : 6.9%

324. What is name of the World’s first flying car ?
Answer : Terrafugia

325. Where was the new ISRO spy satellite centre was launched recently?
Answer : Sriharikota

326. In which place India has successfully carried out the AWACS test flight recently?
Answer : Brazil

327. From which place the Agni-v long range ballistic missile was test fired recently?
Answer : Odisha

328. .What is the name of the ballistic missile which was test fired by Pakistan recently?
Answer : Hatf-IV

329. What is the name of all weather radar imaging satellite launched recently by India ?
Answer : RISAT-I

330. What is the name of the stealth frigate which was inducted into navy recently?
Answer : INS Teg

331. Who is the new special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan?
Answer : Amarendra Khatua

332. Who is the new king of Malaysia elected recently?
Answer : Sultan Abdul Halim

333. Who had been appointed as UNHCR special envoy recently?
Answer : Angelina Jolie

334. Who had been appointed as the President of World Heart Federation ?
Answer : Dr.Srinath Reddy

335. .Lucas Papademos is president of which country resigned recently due to early elections in the
Answer : Greece

336. Who is the president of Mali resigned recently?
Answer : Amadov Toumani Toure

337. What is the name of Jordan Prime minister who resigned recntly?
Answer : Awn aL Khasawneh

338 Who is the legendary newsman popular CBS “60Minutes” programmer died recently?
Answer : Mike Wallace

339. .Who is president of Malawi died of heart attack recently?
Answer : Binju Wa Mutharika

340.The Chancellor of Exchequer of UK, who visited India for the fifth economic financial ministerial
meeting held in New Delhi?
Answer : George Osborne

341. Who is the Pakistan president visited India recently?
Answer : Asif Ali Zardari

342. .Who is the Norwegian Minister of Trade & Industry visited India regarding Telenor issue
Answer : Trond Giske

343. Which city is the world’s most impressive city according to the Wealth report?
Answer : London

344. Which organisation has became the heritage of the sank Titanic ship 100 years ago?
Answer : UNESCO

345. Where is the name of the world’s highest tunnel bridge located in China?
Answer : Aizhai

346. ”Reflections of a Statesman” book was written on whose life history ?
Answer : R.Venkataraman

347. Under whom the two member Adarsh Judicial Commission was set up by the Maharashtra
Answer : N.N.Kumbahar

348 .Who is the new president of Russia recently taken sworn?
Answer : Vladimir Putin

349. The Hamburg harbour celebrates how many years recently?
Answer: 823 years

350. Which company become number one mobile company in the world?
Answer: Samsung

351. Which country had discovered petroleum recently?
Answer: Bangladesh

352. .Liberia’s president for his war crimes sentenced to jail for ?
Answer: 50years

353.What is the place where Pakistan lost nearly 140 soldiers after a masive avalannde entombed the
Gayari army base recently?
Answer: Siachen

354 .Sahar signed an agreement to build and develop a new city in which country?
Answer: Bangladesh

355. India made dozen agreements with which country recently?
Answer: Myanmar

356. The country with the greatest numbers of preterm birth with 35,19,100 is ________?
Answer: India

357. Where was the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled recently?
Answer: South Africa

358. What is the position of India in cyber crime according to report given by SDA?
Answer: fifth place

359. Where will be the 46th Asian Development Bank Meeting of 2013 will be held?
Answer: New Delhi

360. How many years were completed by our existing parliament after the first election held in 13 May
Answer: 60 years

361. What is the name of the TAPI gas pipeline project (TGPP) which originate from the Turkmenistan
reaches to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Answer: Peace pipeline

362 . Whose death anniversary is observed as the Anti Terrorism Day?
Answer: Rajiv Gandhi

363. Osmania University Ranked ______ in the top 121 Universities in the country according to
Nielsen survey
Answer: 6th

364 .The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hopes to Establish Deflouridation Plants in which
Answer : A.P & Rajasthan

365. At which place the World Wildlife Fund summit is going to be held ?
Answer: Brazil

366. Where was the NATO summit 2012 held for Three days recently ?
Answer: Chicago

367. Who had been awarded Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award?
Answer : Miss Vinya Mishra & Sushma Seth

368. Who is the person from India got the prestigious International Jurists award?
Answer : Mulayam Singh Yadav

369. Who has been conferred “The Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun” title recently?
Answer: Ratan Tata

370. Who has been awarded the first Tagore Award for cultural harmony ?
Answer : Pt Ravi Shankar

371. who awarded in 65th cannes film festival as best actor ?
Answer: Mads Mikkelsen

372. Rahul Battachary who is an Indian won British friction prize on ?
Answer: Literature

373.Who had won the World Snooker Title for 2012 held at Sheffield?
Answer: Ronnie O’Sullivan

374.What is the new national record set by Krishna Poonia atTrack crew Throwdown Meet recently in
Answer : 64.76m

375. Who had won the World Cup Title recently held at Antalya, Turkey?
Answer: Deepika Kumari

376. Who had won the Madrid Men’s Open title held at Madrid , Spain recently?
Answer: Roger Federar

377. Who had won the National Junior Boxing championship for 2012
Answer: Manjeet Singh

378. Sania-Mattek pair recently won which title?
Answer: Brussel open Title

379. who won orange cap in IPL-5 ?
Answer : Chris Gale (RCB)

380. The total 6′s in th IPL is
Answer: 728

381. Formulae one Manacco Grand pix won by ?
Answer: Mark Weber

382.the winner of thomas cup in London olympics is ?
Answer: Lin danled(china)

383. chattisgardh girls and boy clinch national tites on which game ?
Answer : Basket ball

384. Grand master Anand belongs to which state in India?
Answer: Chennai

385. Which state topped the list of highest per capita income in the country with 1,92,652 rupees?
Answer: Goa

386. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided assistance of how many USD aid to India?
Answer: $6.25 billion

387. What are the norms called for the implementation of the new global capital adequacy which was
directed by the RBI to Indian Banks?
Answer: Basel-III

389. Andhrapradesh high court invalidated which % sub-quato for Minority?
Answer: 4.5%

390. Which country had recently test fired a short range ballistic missile ?
Answer: Pakistan

391. Which country has launched TMA-04M rocket recently?
Answer: Russia

392. India test fired the which type of Akash Missile recently?
Answer: Surface to air

393. pakistan test fired Nuclear capable _______ Missile ?
Answer: Hatf9

394. Name the Vatican Envoy to India and Nepal, who inaugurated A.P Mission Congress?
Answer : Sarvotore Pennacchio

395. Who has been appointed as the German ambassador to India recently?
Answer: Michael steiner

396. who selected as a member of Borad Federation Against drugs from India?
Answer : Kiran Bedi

397. Who is Snooker champion announced his retirement recently?
Answer : Stephen Hendry

398. Who is the Indian American scientist quits from top energy post recently?
Answer : Apunava Majumdar

399. who is vice president and CCO of infosys Bpo reginesed recently?
Answer: Ritesh Idnani

400.Who is the Afghan peace negotiator shot dead recently?
Answer : Arsalan Rahmani Daulat

401. Who is the Mexican novelist played dominant role in Latin America died recently?
Answer : Carlos Fuentes

402. Who is the EU Ambassador to India visited Nagaland to interact with chamber of commerce and
industry recently? Answer: Joao Cravinho

403. who is the democracy Icon in Myanmar ,first visit to abroad in 24years is ?
Answer: Aung san suu kyi

404. Where is the world’s largest temple is going to be built by Mahavir Mandir trust?
Answer : Bihar

405. At which place the “Awan ka Cinema” film festival is going to be organized?
Answer : Kargil

406. Tallest residential building “princess tower” located at ?
Answer : Dubai

407. World’s richest lady according to business review weekly ?
Answer : Gina Rinehart

408. who is the present president of myanmar ?
Answer: Theinsein

409. The laughter day is celebrated on which day?
Answer: First Sunday of May every month

410. Anti tobacco day is celebrated on which day?
Answer : May 31st

411. Who is the author of the book ‘Harbinger of Social Justic’ ?
Answer: Sarah Booth

412.Where was the 47th IAC committee meeting of NDA held?
Answer: Khadakwasla

413. In which region of Italy faced powerfull earth quake ?
Answer: north eastern region

414.India joined recently in which council of nations in Geneva on June 1st?
Answer: UNHRC

415. Who is the Ex-President of Egypt sentenced to life imprisonment ?
Answer: Hosni Mubarak

416.What is the company that is recently bought by google
Answer: Meebo

417. The defence secretary of which country visited India recently to discuss china’s growing
Answer: U.S

418.What is the prize money given for Noble prize?
Answer: 10million crowns

419.What is the organization that conducts auction on Gandhi’s memorabilia?
Answer: Sotheby’s London

420. Who is the new President of Egypt ?
Answer: Mohammed Morsey

421. Who is newly appointed Saudi Arabian Prince ?
Answer: Prince salmon Bin Abdul Aziz

422.The PM of Pakistan who was disqualified by court of Prime Minister-ship recently, is ?
Answer: Yusuf Raza Gilani

423. Who is the new PM of Greece ?
Answer: Antoni Samara

424.The Oracle CEO, who bought Hawaii’s sixth largest island,Lanai , is ?
Answer: Larry Ellison

425.Who was the Kenya’s Internal security minister killed in helicopter crash on 10 June 2012?
Answer: George Saitoti

426. Which Agency given the list of failed state Index ?
Answer: Foreign policy agency

427. Which party Parvez Ashraf belongs to?
Answer: Pakistan peoples party

428. Who is elected as the president of Egypt ?
Answer: Islamic Mohamed Mursi

429. Who is composed the official song for London 2012 Olympics?
Answer: Muse

430.Which country’s court held US health care Law constitutional ?
Answer: U.S

431. .India allowed which country FDI?
Answer: pakistan

432. who is elected as the 2nd highest court of US?
Answer: srikanth srinivasan

433.Who is the richest sports person in India according to Forbe’s list of World’s 100 richest sports
person ?
Answer: M.S.Dhoni

434. In the 7th G-20 summit ,how much contribution did India made to IMF’s bailout Fund ?
Answer: 10million US Dollars

435. Which company want to invest 1.5billion euros to set up 25 stores in the country under single
brand retail FDI?
Answer: IKEA

436.who is the artist recently called off the Israel visit to disapprove Israeli policies?
Answer: Zakir Hussain

437.Which country stood 1st for the strongest annual growth rate according to the global survey by
knight frank ?
Answer: Brazil

438. What is the name of only country where the world’s largest selling soap brand is being launches
as deodorant ?
Answer: India

439.Which computer educator creates India’s first 3D ad film ?
Answer: Aptech

440.Who is the president of NASSCOM?
Answer: Som Mittal

441.Who won in the by-elections of A.P?
Answer: Y.S.R Congress party

442.What is the sex ratio of urban girls out of 1000 boys according to 2011 census in A.P state ?
Answer: 946

443.India’s first River-lake link project launched In ?
Answer: Bundelkhand

444.Which state Government announced an un-employment scheme ?
Answer: Rajasthan

445. Indian science congress held at ?
Answer: Kolkatta

446.What is the name of the alternative International AIDS conference held by India ?
Answer: Dubar Mahila Samanway samiti (DMSS)

447.Who inaugurated the 28th Annual conference of chief commissioners and Directors General of
Income Tax in the capital?
Answer: Pranab Mukharjee

448. Rio+20 earth summit took place at ?
Answer: Rio de Janeiro

449.who is the first Indian to receive Wisden India outstanding achievement award?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

450. Who awarded as the Best actor in IIFA awards?
Answer: Ranbir Kapoor

451. Which Organization got wins Effie award ?
Answer: Ogilvy Mumbai

452.Who got Mexican Honour from India during G-20 summit ?
Answer: R.K.Pachauri

453. Which organization received “2012 World Business & Development Award” ?
Answer: ITC

454. which organization awarded as G20 challenge award for Medicare?
Answer: Apollo

455.Who bagged the “Entrepreneur of the year award,2012″ of Hyderabad Management Association?
K.Ravi, M.D of NCL industries

456. Ratan Tata was recently honoured for his innovation in philanthropy by _______
Answer: Rockefeller foundation Life Time achievement award

457. Who won ITF men’s future title, which held in Mandya karanataka on June 2nd 2012 ?
Answer: Saket Myneni

458. Who won on June 4 a golden Medal in prost pree elite women’s discus throw event, where she
belong s to Russia ? Answer: Darya Pischalnikova

459. who won the French open title 2012 in mixed doubles?
Answer: Bhupati-sania

460. Eurocup is oraganized by
Answer: UEFA

461. Who won the 2012 French Open title in Men’s singles?
Answer: R

462 .Who is the Indian Cricketer appointed as a brand ambassador of Nepal cricket Association?
Answer: M.S.Dhoni

463. Who is the First woman to win 3 tittles of indonesia open super series in India badminton
Answer: Saina Nehwal

464. Who is the Indian Hockey goal Keeper suspended recently for being positive in the doping test?
Answer: Adrin D’souza

465. Who won bronze in Junior women’s meeting of shooting hopes Championship concluded at Plzen
in Czench Republic on 10 June ?
Answer: Tejaswini

466. Who won the 800m race in Diamond league meet with a time of one minute 41.74 seconds ?
Answer: Rudisha

467. Who shared the title with humpy in the FIDE women’s Grand Pix ?
Answer: Anna Muzychuk

468.Who is organizes the Wimbledon Championship?
Answer: All England Club

469.The country which is going to sent women athletes in the Olympics for the first time ever
Answer: Saudi

470.Who is the first amputee runner to compete at the Olympic games ,2012?
Answer: Oscar Pistorius

471. Bihar topped in Gross State domestic product with which percent Growth in 2011-12?
Answer: 13.1

472.Which Federation stated 10 point agenda for economic survival of India ?
Answer: CII (The confederation of Indian Industry)

473. Which rating agency downgraded 15 of the world’s biggest banks on 21 June ?
Answer: Moody

474.Which organization set the norms for listing SEs?
Answer: SEBI

475.What is the current limit of foreign investment in government bonds?
Answer: 20 billion dollar

476.which vegetable’s genome was sequenced completely in 2012?
Answer: Tomato

477. what is the name of the missile test fired by the pakistan recently.
Answer: Haft VII(babur)

478. When did the largest solar flare occurred ?
Answer: March 7.2012

479.Where the largest database of martian impact creates on Mars is ?
Answer: At the university of Colorado

480. who is the first woman Astronaut of china sent into space ?
Answer: Liu Yang

481. Fourth human spaceflight shenzhon-9 was launched into space by which country in 2012 ?
Answer: China

482. What is the technology that is currently being used in India to detect cyclones and Tsunamis,
implemented by NIO & ISRO
Answer: Aerial Microwave Radar Gauge

483. What is the first country where German house was started for the first time ?
Answer: U.S

484. Who is appointed as the IAF’s western Air command chief ?
Answer: Arup Raha

485. Who is appointed as the new chairman of LIC ?
Answer: Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra

486. Who is the cricketer taken oath as a Rajya sabha MP recently on June 4?
Answer: Sanchin Tendulkar

487.Who is recently appointed navy chief?
Answer: D.K.Joshi

488. who retired as CEC recently?
Answer: S.Y.Qureshi

489. who appointed as the head of DGH ?
Answer: R.N.Chaubey

490 .Present deputy governor who reappointed recently of RBI ?
Answer: K.C.Chakrabarty

491. Who is the new CEO of Tata Global ?
Answer: Harish Bhat

492 .Who is the chairman of FAI- south ?
Answer: K.Rahul raju

493 . who is new chief of ICC ?
Answer: Alan Isaac

494. who is the new commissioner of Delhi Police after B.K.Gupta ?
Answer: Neeraj Kumar

495. Who is appointed as the US ambassador to Myanmar ?
Answer: Derek Mitchell

496. who resigned as the commerce secretary of president Obama ?
Answer: John E. Bryson

497. Who is the union minister for micro,small and medium enterprises resigned recently on fraud
corruption charges Answer: Virbadra Singh

498. Who is the first women to win Nobel Prize in Economics ?
Answer: Elinor Ostrom

499. The first boxer to win the first olympic gold medal,who died recently?
Answer: Teofila Stevenson

500. .Mehdi Hassan, how died recently is a ______ by profession?
Answer: Ghazal Singer

501. Who is national secretary of CITU died recently?
Answer: Dipankar Mukherjee

502. Which place visited by PM Manmohan after 2 summits ?
Answer: Pretoria

503. Who is the US Defence secretary visited india recently ?
Answer: Leon Pnetta

504. Britain Queen Elizabeth-II celebrated her diamond Jubilee at ?
Answer: Thames ,London

505. Who is the Japanese mountaineer climbs the world’s 14 tallest mountains ?
Answer: Hirotaka Takeuchi

506. Who won Indian Spell Bee by spelling word “Belligerent” conducted by Times of India ?
Answer: Samvida Venkatesh

507. Who beat the R.J.Rolling book harry potter record of fastest selling in a week?
Answer: Erika Mitchell

508. The world’s environment day is celebrated on
Answer: 5th June

509. Refusee Day is obeserved on ?
Answer: 21st June

510. Abdul kalam “Turning points” is a sequel of ?
Answer: Wings of fire

511.What is the book released about L.K.Advani?
Answer: Those were the day and then -The Life & times of L.K.Advani

512. Who headed the (GTA) high power committee?
Answer: Retire Justice Shyamal sen

513 .Which country faced earth quake of Magnitude of 5.9 rectar scale on june 4.
Answer: Indonesia Sumitra island

514. What is the happiest place on earth as announced the new Economics Foundations Happy Planet
Index ?
Answer: costa Rica

515. IUCN stands for ?
Answer: International Union for Conservation of Nature

516.ESI stands for ?
Answer: Environmental Sustainable Index