Wednesday, January 11, 2017

General Knowledge - II

1. Justice Vishnu Sahai Committee is to enquire about ___________. Mufazanaggar riot
 2. After Millennium Development Goal it will be ___________goal by UNDP. Sustainable Devel Goal
 3. ___________is the program to help manual scavengers. Safai Karamchari
4. CGETI – Content group on economic and trade issues is of ___________summit . BRICS
5. Madame Tussauds wax museum is located in ___________country LONDON
 6. Kakrapar Atomic power station is in ___________state. Gujrat
 7. ___________project is for modernization of ports. Sagarmala
 8. ___________is the first state to launch right to service act in 2010. Madhya Pradesh
 9. UAE will invest _________Rs in India and the announcement was made in Dubai declaration during Modi’s visit to UAE. 4.5 lakh crore
 10. ___________is the name of the Space research organization of Russia ROSCOSMOS
 11. Indian PM signed a peace deal with an insurgent group ___________in Nagaland. National socialist council of Nagalim(IM)
 12. Lalji sing is famous for ___________. Father of DNA fingerprinting in India
 13. FIPIC- the expansion ___________ is to pave the way for agreement on agriculture food processing , solar energy, e networking and tele education. Forum for India Pacific Island Cooperation
 14. ___________ industry has more weight out of 8 core industries in India. Energy
 15. According to last census ___________tigers are there in India. 2226                            
16. Rathambore tiger reserve is in ___________state. Rajasthan
 17. ___________included as last in Minimum support price list. Sugarcane
 18. ___________committee is to pave the way to reduce the dependence on bulk drug imports from china. Katoch Committee
19. The biggest animal fair in the country is Rajasthan’s ___________Pushkar Mela
20. The expansion of GAGAN which is related to science is ___________GPS aided Geo augmented Navigation
21. TAPI is the initiative of oil transporting between ________countries Turkmenisthan Afgan pak India
 22. ___________is the study of treatment of cancer. Oncology
23. Expansion of PRASAD initiated by the govt of India is ___________Pilgrimage rejuvenation and Spirituality augmentation drive
24. Expansion of HRIDAY initiated by the Indian Govt is ___________Heritage City Development and augmentation Yojana
 25. International solar alliance is initiated by ___________country. India
26. COP 21 conference was in ___________Paris
 27. Madhava Rao scindia Stadium is in ___________. Rajkot
 28. ___________currency got the status of Special Drawing Rights currency with US dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound. Renminbi (Yuan)
 29. The swach Bharath Tax: ___________% on services. 0.5%
 30. ___________is the president of Myanmar. U Htin Kyaw
31. ___________is the External affairs spoke person of India. Vikas Swarup
 32. ___________is the National Security Advisor of India and ___________is the Economic advisor of India. Ajith Dowal, Aravind Subramaniam
 33. The PM of ___________resigned by the agitation of complicity in Panama money stashing. Iceland
34. ___________is the Chairman of ISRO. Kiran Kumar
35. The other name for International Humanitarian organization , doctors without borders is ___________Medicins sans frontiers
36. ___________is the GDP of India in 2015-2016 period. 2.06 T $
37. India built the parliament building of ___________country. Afganisthan
38. ___________is the first parliament of a country which runs completely on solar energy. Pakisthan
 39. In last India- Africa forum summit India offered ___________credits to Africa over next 5 years
 40. The US withdrew the sanctions against ________and _____countries recently. Cuba and Iran
 41. ___________is the chief of TRAI and ___________is the Chief of SEBI. R. S Sharma and UK sinha
 42. The Bollywood actor ___________is the ambassador for Indian team for Rio Olympics. Salman Khan
43. According to the proposal for monetary policy committee ___________will be the head of the committee. RBI governor
 44. ___________is the CEO of NITI ayog National Institution for Transforming India Which has Aravind Panagaria as Vice Chairman. Amitabh Kanth
 45. ___________is elected as the president of BCCI and ___________is elected as the president of ICC. Anurag Thakur and Sasank Manohar
46. According to the latest air quality report from WHO, Zabol is in the most polluted City. It is in ________country. Iran
 47. ___________is crowned with IPL 2016 trophy. Sun risers Hyderabad
 48. According to last Social Progress Index report India is in ________the position out of 133 countries. 101
49. ___________, ___________, and ___________, are the chief ministers of Kerala, Puduchery and Assam respectively.

50. In the last by monthly policy RBI kept REPO rate as ___________%. 6.5%