Friday, September 27, 2013

Worlds important Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM)

• Peacekeeper (10,000 km (6,200 mi)+) (USA)
• Minuteman (10,000+ km) (USA)
• R-36M2 (SS-18) (10,000+ km) (Soviet Union, Russia)
• UR-100N (SS-19) (10,000+ km) (Soviet Union, Russia)
• RT-2PM "Topol" (SS-25) (10,000+ km) (Soviet Union, Russia)
• RT-2UTTH "Topol M" (SS-27) (10,000+ km) (Russia)
• RS-24 "Yars" (SS-29) (10,000+ km) (Russia)
• Agni-V (5000-8000 km) (India)
• Agni-VI (10,000 km) (India, under development)
• DF-31 (10,000+ km) (China)
• DF-5 (10,000+ km) (China)
• DF-41 (10,000+ km) (China)
• Jericho III (4,800 to 11,500 km) (Israel)

Current Affairs August 2013

• The first Britisher to perform a space walk, who retired from NASA in the second week of August 2013- Colin Michael Foale

• Name of the largest blast furnace of India which was operationalised by SAIL on 10 August 2013- Durga

• Female tennis player to win The Rogers Cup 2013 and capture her 54th WTA singles title- Serena Williams

• Technology used by the researchers to find that autism affected the brains of males and females in a different way- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
• Name the captain of the 18-member hockey squad of India in the Asia Cup hockey tournament 2013- Sardar Singh
• Date on which International Lefthanders Day is celebrated across the world- 13 August

• Name of the First Twitter Hotel opened in Spain by the Melia brand of hotels- Social Wave House
• Name of the oldest Penguin who on 12 August 2013 turned 36 years old- King Penguin Missy

• Body which proposed first season of the Indian Badminton League (IBL)- Badminton Association of India (BAI)

• Name of the host country of 7th Asian Junior Wushu Championships- Philippines

• Name the fossil of the oldest known ancestor of modern rats recently unearthed in China- Rugosodoneurasiaticus

• Name of one of the most endangered bird species of the world that made a comeback in the US- Puerto Rican parrot

• Place at which The Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF) 2013, the biggest travel trade show of India started- Ahmadabad, Gujarat 
• The former Prime Minister of Nepal who died on 15 August 2013 after battling with lung cancer- Marich Man Singh Shrestha

• Name the person who was termed as the Beast of Ukraine. He was the serial killer who recently died in prison- Anatoly Onoprienko

• Name of the US actress who passed away on 25 August 2013 at the age of 87 years and holds the record of most Tony awards win- Julie Harris

• India’s under-23 cricket team won the Asian Cricket Council Emerging Teams Cup in Singapore on 25 August 2013, after defeating- Pakistan

• Indian tennis player who lifted the women’s doubles trophy at the WTA New Haven Open along with her partner Jie Zheng of China- Sania Mirza

• Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science and Technology 2013 awarded to- Vinod Prakash Sharma

• Name the tribal community of Sri Lanka that was felicitated on 9 August 2013 by Mahinda Rajapaksa on the occasion of the World Indigenous Peoples Day- Veddas

• The eminent Indian classical singer and music director known as the vocalist of Jayadeva’s Gita Govind, who passed away in Bhubaneswar- Pandit Raghunath Panigrahi
• Nelson Mandela on 27 August 2013 was honoured with the first Lifetime Campaigner for Peace and Freedom of- the Mahathir award for Global Peace
• Prem Bhatia Award for Best Political Reporting of the Year (2013) was won by- Shalini Singh, a Deputy Editor of The Hindu  
• Indian women's Recurve team defeated this team  to win gold medal in the World Cup Archery Stage- 4 atWroclaw, Poland- South Korean Team

• Person who coined the term BRIC in 2001. He is the Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs: Jim O’ Neil 
• The soccer team to win UEFA Super Cup 2013 on 30 August 2013:Bayern Munich
• The person to be recommended as next ONGC chief by the Public Enterprises Selection Board: Dinesh K Sarraf

• The Joint Air force exercise to be held by China and Pakistan: Shaheen-2
• The 21st round of Boundary talks between Bhutan and China held in the city: Thimphu

• 5th India-China Strategic Dialogue held in the City: New Delhi

• The person to be sworn in as the new President of Iran: Hassan Rouhani

Latest Committees

1. Committee Set Up On Uttarakhand Floods : The committee will be headed by AK Ganju (Chairman, Ganga Flood Control committeesCommission, Patna).
 JS Mathur committee : to revise NewspaperAdvertisement Rates.
 K. Ratna Prabha : Committee on indecent depiction of women in media.
 Mukul Mudgal Committee: looking into US giant Walmart’s lobbying activities to enter India
 Mukul Mudgal Committee: to look at process of film clearance. (data by facebook/cnaonweb
 MBN Rao Committee: to prepare the blueprint of India’s first women’s bank
 SK Srivastava Committee: to formulate a policy on public-private partnership model to raise coal output.. (data by facebook/cnaonweb
 K M Chandrasekhar Committee : for rationalization of foreign investment norms
 Arvind Mayaram Committee : for giving clear definitions to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII), (data by facebook/cnaonweb
 Janakiraman Committee : To investigate the security transactions of the bank
 MS Ahluwalia committee : to evaluate aspects related to set up of Nalanda University(data byfacebook/cnaonweb
 Sitakant Mahapatra committee : for inclusion of Bhojpuri language in eighth schedule of constitution
 N R Narayana Murthy committee : for evaluation of corporate sector participation in Higher Education. (data by facebook/cnaonweb
 C Rangarajan committee : for poverty scale estimates in the country
 MB Shah committee : for inspection of illegal mining activities
 N Rangachary committee : To examine taxation policies for I.T. sector(data by facebook/cnaonweb
 Parthasarathi Shome committee : Implementation of GAAR (General Anti Avoidance Rule).
 Deepak Parekh committee : for Financing Infrastructure sector(data by facebook/cnaonweb
 Naresh Chandra committee : 14 member task force on security issues
 Bhandari Committee : Reconstruction of RRBs

 RS Gujral Committee : suggest measures to boost MSME exports.

Some Recent Working Groups & Committees by RBI & Their Focus Area: (Name of Chairmen is given)

1. Working Group on Benchmark Prime Lending Rate (BPLR): Deepak Mohanty 
2. Working Group on Surveys: Deepak Mohanty 
3. High Level Committee to Review Lead Bank Scheme: Usha Thorat 
4. Working Group to Review the Business Correspondent Model: P Vijaya Bhaskar Rao 
5. High Level Group on Systems and Procedures for Currency Distribution: Usha Thorat 
6. G20 Working Group on Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency: Dr. Rakesh Mohan and Mr. Tiff Macklem 
7. Committee on Financial Sector Assessment: Dr. Rakesh Mohan 
8. High Level Committee on Estimation of Savings and Investment: Dr. C. Rangarajan 
9. Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) on Capital Flows and Emerging Market Economies: Dr. Rakesh Mohan 
10. Task Force For Diamond Sector: A K Bera 
11. Technical Advisory Group on Development of Housing Start-Up Index in India: Prof. Amitabh Kundu 12. Working Group on Defraying Cost of ICT Solutions for RRBs: Shri G. Padmanabhan 
13. Working Group on IT support for Urban Cooperative Banks: R Gandhi 
14. Working Group on Technology Upgradation of Regional Rural Banks: Shri G. Srinivasan 
15. Interest Rate Futures: Shri V.K. Sharma 
16. Internal Working Group to Study the Recommendations of the NCEUS Report: KUB Rao 
17. Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep: S. Ramaswamy 
18. Working Group on Rehabilitation of Sick SMEs: Dr. K. C. Chakrabarty 
19. Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services In Jharkhand: V.S.Das 
20. Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in Himachal Pradesh: Dr. J. Sadakkadulla 
21. Internal Technical Group on Seasonal Movements in Inflation: Dr. Balvant Singh
22. Working Group to Examine the Procedures and Processes of Agricultural Loans: C P Swarankar 
23. Task Force on Empowering RRB Boards for Operational Efficiency: Dr. K.G. Karmakar 
24. Technical Group Set up to Review Legislations on Money Lending: Shri.S. C. Gupta 
25. Working Group To Suggest Measures To Assist Distressed Farmers: Shri. S. S. Johl 
26. Technical Group on Statistics for International Trade in Banking Services: Shri K.S.R.Rao 
27. Technical Advisory Group On Development Of Leading Economic Indicators For Indian Economy: Dr. R B Barman 
28. Working Group on Savings for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011- 12): Dr.Rakesh Mohan
29. Working Group on Compilation of State Government Liabilities: Dr. N.D. Jadhav 
30. Working Group on Improvement of Banking Services in Uttaranchal: V.S. Das 
31. Working Group on Cost of NRI Remittances: P. K. Pain 
32. Working group to formulate a scheme for Ensuring Reasonableness of Bank Charges: N. Sadasivam 
33. Committee on Fuller Capital Account Convertibility: S.S.Tarapore 
34. Committee on Financial Sector Plan for North Eastern Region: Smt. Usha Thorat 
35. Survey on Impact of Trade Related Measures on Transaction Costs of Exports: Balwant Singh 
36. Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments: M.P.Bezbaruah 
37. Need and Use Behavior for Small Denomination Coins: Sanal Kumar Velayudhan 
38. Debt Sustainability at State Level in India: Indira Rajaraman, Shashank Bhide and R.K.Pattnaik 
39. Internal Group to Examine Issues Relating to Rural Credit and Microfinance: Shri H.R.Khan 
40. Working Group to Review Export Credit: Shri Anand Sinha 
41. Internal Working Group on RRBs: Shri A V Sardesai 
42. Working Group on Warehouse Receipts and Commodity Futures: Shri Prashant Saran 
43. Internal Group to Review Guidelines on Credit Flow to SME Sector: Shri C.S.Murthy 
44. Working Group on Regulatory Mechanism for Cards: Shri R.Gandhi 
45. Group on Model Fiscal Responsibility Legislation at State Level: Shri H R Khan 
46. Task Force on Revival of Cooperative Credit Institutions: Prof.A.Vaidyanathan 
47. Special Group for Formulation of Debt Restructuring Mechanism for Medium Enterprises: Shri G.Srinivasan 
48. Working Group on Screen Based Trading In Government Securities: Dr.R.H.Patil 
49. Expert Group on Internet Deployment of Central Database Management System (CDBMS): Prof.A.Vaidyanathan 
50. Report on Monitoring of Financial Conglomerates: Smt.Shyamala Gopinath 
51. Working Group on Development Financial Institutions: Shri N. Sadasivan 
52. Advisory Committee to Advise on the Administered Interest Rates and Rationalisation of Saving Instruments: Dr.Rakesh Mohan 
53. Advisory Committee on Flow of Credit to Agriculture: Prof.V.S.Vyas 
54. Working Group on Flow of Credit to SSI Sector: Dr.A.S.Ganguly 
55. Group to Study the Pension Liabilities of the State Governments: B. K. Bhattacharya 
56. Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives: Shri G. Padmanabhan 
57. Working Group on Instruments of Sterilisation: Smt. Usha Thorat 
58. Working Group on Information on State Government Guaranteed Advances and Bonds: Shri.G.Padmanabhan 
59. Working Group on Cheque Truncation and E-chequesDr.Barman, ED 
60. Working Group on Introduction of Credit Derivatives in India: Shri B. Mahapatra 
61. Group to Assess the Fiscal Risk of State Government Guarantees: Smt. Usha Thorat 
62. Advisory Committee on Ways and Means Advances to State Governments: Shri C.Ramachandran 
63. Working Group on Rupee Derivatives: Shri Jaspal Bindra 
64. Committee on Computer Audit: Shri A.L. Narasimhan 
65. Committee on Payment Systems: Dr R H Patil 
66. Review Group on The Working of The Local Area Bank Scheme: Shri G.Ramachandran 
67. Technical Group on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Shri Deepak Mohanty 
68. Working Group for Suggesting Operational and Prudential Guidelines on STRIPS (Separately Traded Registered Interest and Principal of Securities): Shri M.R.Ramesh 
69. Working Group on Electronic Money: Mr.Zarir J. Cama 
70. Working Group on Economic Indicators: Dr. R.B. Barman 
71. Working Group to Examine the Role of Credit Information Bureaus in Collection and Dissemination of Information on Suit-filed Accounts and Defaulters: Shri S.R. Iyer 
72. Information systems audit policy for the banking and financial sector: Dr. R.B.Burman 
73. Working Group on Consolidated Accounting and Other Quantitative Methods to Facilitate Consolidated Supervision: Shri Vipin Malik 
74. Expert Committee to Review the System of Administered Interest Rates and Other Related Issues: Dr.Y.V. Reddy 
75. Inter-Departmental Group to study the Rationalisation of Current account Facility with Reserve Bank of India: Shri K.W. Korgaonkar 
76. The Expert Committee on Legal Aspects of Bank Frauds: Dr.N.L. Mitra 
77. The Standing Committee on International Financial Standards and Codes Standing Committee on International Financial Standards and Codes: Dr. Y.V.Reddy 
78. Technical Group on Market Integrity: Shri C.R. Muralidharan
79. Technical Group on Phasing Out of Non-banks from Call/Notice Money Market (March 2001): Dr.Y.V.Reddy 
80. Core Group on Voluntary Disclosure Norms for State Governments: Dr.Y.V.Reddy 
81. Task Force to Study the Cooperative Credit System and Suggest Measures for its Strengthening: Shri Jagdish Kapoor 
82. Internal Group to Review the Guidelines Relating to Commercial Paper: Dr.Y.V.Reddy 
83. High Power Committee on Urban Cooperative Banks: Shri Madhav Rao 
84. Working Group for setting up Credit Information Bureau in India: Shri N.H.Siddiqui 
85. Committee for Redesigning of Financial Statements of Non-Banking Financial Companies: Shri V.S.N. Murthy 
86. Working Group on Restructuring Weak Public Sector Banks: Shri M.S.Verma
87. Working Group for Working Out Modalities on Dissemination of Information in Electronic Form: Shri Y.S.P. Thorat and Shri C.R. Gopalasundaram 
88. Committee on Technology Upgradation in the Banking Sector: Dr A.Vasudevan 
89. Working Group of EURO: Shri V.Subrahmanyam 
90. New Monetary Aggregates: Dr. Y.V. Reddy 
91. Committee on Capital Account Convertibility: Shri S.S.Tarapore