Friday, March 22, 2013

Current Affairs January 2013

1. Scientist in the month of December revealed a planet that could support life, orbits a Sun-like
star near the Earth. What is the name of the star around which this planet was found orbiting?
a) Tau Ceti
b) Sirius
c) 36 Ophiuchi
d) Gliese 33
Ans- (a)

2. Which Country won the Junior Table Tennis Championship claiming all the titles?
(a) Germany
(b) China
(c) Hungary
(d) Sweden
Answer: (b)

3. Which team on 15 December 2012 won the 3rd World Cup Kabaddi Tournament for the third
consecutive time in the Men’s category and second consecutive time in the Women’s category?
(a) India
(b) Pakistan
(c) Australia
(d) England
Answer: (a)

4. NASA developed new next-gen spacesuit called Z-1 Prototype Spacesuit and Portable Life Support System (PLSS) 2.0 for the sophisticated and complex space ventures, which also include Mars mission. Which of the following statement is not true in this context:
a) The spacesuit is crafted out of various hard elements on the fabric. It also becomes flexible after being inflated.
b) There is no need of an airlock for seeking entry or getting exit in and out of this suit.
c) It makes use of the recent technique that includes sublimator which works only in hard vacuum.
d) The spacesuit packs in itself water membrane evaporation cooler which cools the suit through same method like sweating.
Answer: (c) It makes use of the recent technique that includes sublimator which works only in hard vacuum.

5. The gravity mapping satellites of NASA ended the successful mission to Moon by crashing on the rim of crater. What is the name of these gravity mapping satellites of NASA?
a) Voyager 1 and Voyager 2
b) Ebb and Flow
c) Orion and Kepler
d) Dawn and Orion
Answer: (b) Ebb and Flow

6. The Central Zoo Authority of India approved exchanging white tigress from the Delhi Zoo against an animal from the Krasnoyarks Park of flora and fauna, Roev Ruchey in Russia. Which animal was traded in exchange of white tigress?
a) South American Jaguars
b) Kangaroos
c) Puma
d) Leopard
Answer: (c) Puma

7. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world’s first and largest operational space launch facility. In which country is it located?
(A) France
(B) Kazakhstan
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Germany
Ans. (B) Kazakhstan

8. The International Hockey Federation has decided to allot the next Hockey World Cup in 2010 to India. In which year Hockey World Cup tournament started?
(A) 1971
(B) 1974
(C) 1976
(D) 1977
Ans. (A) 1971

9. Write short notes on the following:
a) SCO2 gene
b) Space Shuttle Columbia
c) Red October
d) Milos Zeman
e) Shahrukh Khan
f) Sreeramamurthy Janaki

10. Digital marketing company GETIT Infoservices on 19 January 2013 rolled out DigiGains, a name give to platform for digital marketing. What was the purpose of DigiGains?
a) To benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
b) To benefit Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
c) To benefit Small-Scale Enterprises
d) To benefit Large-Scale Enterprises
Answer: (a) to benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

11. The automobile company, Volkswagen in the third week of January 2013 unveiled its new
advertising campaign. What is the name of this advertising campaign?
a) Fast Track
b) Fast Speed
c) Fast Start
d) Fast Pace
Answer: (c) Fast Start

12. Reliance Industries shut down its eighth well on the main gas-producing field in KG-D6 block, which compelled the output to drop down to an all-time low at 20.88 million metric standard cubic metre per day (mmscmd). What is the name of eighth well of KG-D6 block?
a) B4
b) B6
c) B8
d) B2
Answer: (b) B6

13. Spice Global, the diversified company on 22 January 2013 entered into the healthcare sector. What is the name of the hospital inaugurated by Spice Global?
a) New Delhi city Hospital
b) Mehrauli City Hospital
c) NFC Hospital
d) Saket City Hospital
Answer: (d) Saket City Hospital

14. Which leading Dutch financial services group departed the insurance business in India by selling off 26 percent stake to the Exide Industries, its joint-venture partner?
a) ING
b) Bupa health Insurance
c) Oriental Insurance
d) Bajaj Allianz
Answer: (a) ING

15. Name the first women chief Justice of Sri Lanka, who was removed from her office following the process of impeachment by the countries Parliament.
a) Srimavo Bandaranaike
b) Vivimarie Vanderpoorten
c) Shirani Bandarnayake
d) Chandrika Kumaratunga
Answer: (c) Shirani Bandarnayake

16. The FDI inflow in China dropped down by what percentage in the year 2012?
a) 3.7 percent
b) 1.6 percent
c) 6.3 percent
d) 4 percent
Answer: (a) 3.7 percent

17. US President Barrack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama decided to launch his political career in the third week of January 2013. Malik Obama announced that he intended running for the gubernatorial seat in the Kenyan country in elections which will be held on 4 March 2013. Malik Obama is planning to contest elections from which country?
a) Zimbabwe
b) Kenya
c) Algeria
d) Sao Tome and Principe
Answer: (b) Kenya

18. Name the Constitutional Body that recommended setting up of the Special Court for conducting the trials of the Italian Marines accused of shooting the two fishermen in Indian Ocean.
a) Supreme Court of India
b) High court of Delhi
c) Union Home Ministry
d) High Court of Kerala
Answer: (a) Supreme Court of India

19. The Supreme Court of India in January 2013 banned tourists from to pass from Andaman Nicobar Trunk Road that passes through the tribal area. Name the tribe that is the local resident of the region.
a) Sentinelese Tribes
b) Jarawa Tribes
c) Peruvian Tribes
d) Pintupi Nine Tribes
Answer: (b) Jarawa Tribes

20. The centre of excellence which specializes in reading the weather conditions of the space and helps the air traffic on their polar routes is scheduled to come up in which city and by when. The space weather reading centre in Kolkata will be first of its kind and is approved by Union HRD Ministry.
a) Kolkata by mid 2013
b) Bangalore by January 2013
c) Bhopal by end of 2013
d) Mumbai by mid 2013
Answer: (a) Kolkata by mid 2013

21. India for the continuous second year reported no fresh cases of Polio. How many more year of success with zero fresh cases of polio, would win India a status of polio free nation, in 2014.
a) Three year
b) All ready won the status
c) One year
d) Five years
Answer: (c) One year

22. When and by which body was the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the Pulse Polio Immunization (PPI) Program was initiated in India with the aim of eradicating it completely from the country.
a) In 1987 and was a program of United Nation
b) In 2000 and was a program of World Health Organization's (WHO)
c) In 1995 and was a program of World Health Organization's (WHO)
d) In 1990 and was a program of UNESCO
Answer: (c) In 1995 and was a program of World Health Organization's (WHO)

23. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Food and Consumer Affairs in January 2013 suggested the entitlement of the food under the National Food Security Act to the what percent population and left behind what percentage of people, who are tax-payers and have pucca houses of their own?
a) 60 percent population is entitled with it and 40 percent is kept out from the plan
b) 58 percent population is entitled with it and 42 percent is kept out from the plan
c) 67 percent population is entitled with it and 33 percent is kept out from the plan
d) 55 percent population is entitled with it and 45 percent is kept out from the plan
Answer: (c) 67 percent population is entitled with it and 33 percent are kept out from the plan

24. Name the identity card that has been decided and consequently advised by the Ministry of External Affairs in January 2013 to all Passport Issuing Authorities for acceptance of the same as the Proof of Address and Photo identity in conjunction with any other prescribed documents for proof of address/identity for the purpose of passport application.
a) Aadhaar Card
b) Ration Card
c) Educational Certificate
d) Birth Certificates
Answer: (a) Aadhaar Card

25. Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) on 8 January 2013 launched the first fast patrol vessel (FPV), built for the Indian Coast Guard. The vessel is the first in a series of 20 numbers fast patrol vessel (FPVs) contracted by CSL for the Indian Coast Guard. What is the name of the Patrol Vehicle?
a) Madhusudan
b) Aadesh
c) Rastrabhakt
d) Vishwast
Answer: (b) Aadesh

26. A Special Bench of two Justices was constituted in the month of January 2013 to hear cases of crime against women. Name the body that was responsible behind its constitution.
a) Supreme Court of India
b) Ministry of Home Affairs
c) Planning Commission of India
d) Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)
Answer: (a) Supreme Court of India

27. The leading software services exporter of India posted a very strong, unexpected 23 percent increase in the quarterly profit for October to December 2012 quarter. What is the name of this company?
a) Wipro
b) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
c) IBM
d) Satyam
Answer: (b) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

28. Air India on 17 January 2013 grounded the fleet of all six Boeing 787 dreamliners after US federal agency asked its airlines to ground the Boeing 787. What was the reason for grounding the fleet?
a) Employees went on strike
b) No funds for fuel
c) Safety hazard
d) None of these
Answer: (c) Safety hazard

29. The Japanese automaker on 16 January 2013 launched a five-speed automatic version of the Fortuner SUV for 22.33 lakh rupees (ex-showroom New Delhi). What is the name of this Japanese automaker?
a) Toyota Kirloskar Motor
b) Nissan
c) General Motors
d) Volkswagen
Answer: (a) Toyota Kirloskar Motor

30. Which airways company in the month of January 2013 entered into a partnership with CentrumDirect to offer Foreign Exchange Services to guests travelling abroad?
a) Spice
b) Kingfisher
c) Indian Airlines
d) Jet Airways
Answer: (d) Jet Airways

31. Which online marketplace on 18 January 2013 tied up with Mahindra & Mahindra for selling of its two-wheelers to customers on the site?
Answer: (c)

32. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, US and Karolinska Institute in Sweden got a genetic get through into the main cause of arthritis. What, according to the scientists could be used for predicting the person who could potentially be at a risk of this disease?
a) Simple X-Ray
b) Simple Blood test
c) Simple Diagnosis
d) None of these
Answer: (b) Simple Blood Test

33. A team at Intel, the computer hardware firm created a device, which is said to allow which renowned physicist of the world to communicate faster than before?
a) Nikola Tesla
b) Antoine Henri Becquerel
c) Max Planck
d) Stephen Hawking
Answer: (d) Stephen Hawking

34. In which Indian zoo were the thirty one Black Bucks killed by the stray dogs on 19 January 2013?
a) Kanpur Zoo
b) Lucknow Zoo
c) Delhi Zoo
d) Patna Zoo
Answer: (a) Kanpur Zoo

35. Where was the Vulture Population Estimation-2013 conducted by the State Government?
a) Manas Tiger Reserve
b) Panna Tiger Reserve
c) Palamau Tiger Reserve
d) Pench Tiger Reserve
Answer: Panna Tiger Reserve

36. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, in the third week of January 2013 developed a fresh technique that enables surgeons to find out about the reach of tumours and helps them to decide which tissues should be removed for saving the healthy cells in cancer patients. What is the name of this new technique?
a) Laser Imaging
b) Molecular-Laser Imaging
c) Molecular-Targeted imaging
d) Target Imaging
Answer: (c) Molecular-Targeted imaging

37. Kaspersky Lab, the Russian cyber security firm on 14 January 2013 revealed that India is one among various nations which are hit by the cyber spying which has been targeting governmental, diplomatic and scientific research organisations for around 5 years. What is the name of this cyber spying campaign?
a) Blue October
b) Red December
c) Blue December
d) Red October
Answer: (d) Red October

38. Which space agency released surprising pictures of the remains of huge river which ran across the Red Planet, Mars at some point of time, on 17 January 2013?
b) European Space Agency
c) Australian Space Agency
d) None of these
Answer: (b) European Space Agency

39. Astronomers had already discovered that the super-massive black holes which sit in the centres of various galaxies were growing faster. Professor Graham explained that every time there is a ten times increase in the stellar mass of the galaxy, it leads to around 100 times increase in the ______________. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option:
a) Mass of black hole
b) Density of black hole
c) Both of these
d) None of these
Answer: (a) Mass of black hole

40. Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo, the Italian luxury brand for clothing entered into India through its partnership with which Indian apparel as well as leather exporter?
a) Majgenta Fashions
b) Levis Strauss
c) Pepe Jeans
d) Mango
Answer: (a) Majgenta Fashions

41. Income Tax officials surveyed the Sriperumbudur plant of which mobile company in its daylong survey on 8 January 2013 in order to find out the tax default, if it existed?
a) Motorola
b) Samsung
c) Nokia
d) Sony Ericsson
Answer: (c) Nokia

42. With which bank did the Chamber of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Kolkata on 4 January 2013?
a) Dena Bank
b) State Bank of India
c) Axis Bank
d) Allahabad Bank
Answer: (d) Allahabad Bank

43. Where did PR Fonroche, the joint venture of the French company Fonroche and the Indian company PR Clean Energy, on 10 January 2013 inaugurated a 5 MW Solar Plant in India?
a) Punjab
b) Rajasthan
c) Haryana
d) Chandigarh
Answer: (b) Rajasthan

44. Microsoft in the month of January 2013 announced plans to shut down which service?
a) MS Office 2007
b) Skype
c) Windows Live Messenger
d) Bing
Answer: (c) Windows Live Messenger

45. Name the International Cricket Team with which India Lost the Series by 2-1 after it won the last match by 10 runs on 6th January 2013.
(a) England
(b) Australia
(c) Pakistan
(d) South Africa
Answer(c) Pakistan

46. Name the Argentine footballer who won FIFA Ballond’Or Award on 7 January 2013 as a reward to his 91-goal in a year for Barcelona and Argentina, in the year 2012.
(a) Lionel Messi
(b) Zavier Zanetti
(c) Oscar Ruggeri
(d) Gabriel Batistuta
Answer (a) Lionel Messi

47. Name the Indian Women Weightlifter who on 10 January 2013 Won Maiden National Title in National Weightlifting Championship 2013.
(a) Binitha Devi
(b) Amanpreet Kaur
(c) Manpreet Kaur
(d) Karnam Malleswar
Answer (c) Manpreet Kaur

48. Which International cricket Umpire is supposed to become the first ever umpire to deliver, the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture scheduled to be delivered on 24 July 2013?
(a) Billy Bowden
(b) Steve Bucknor
(c) Rod Tucker
(d) Simon Taufel
Answer (d) Simon Taufel

49. Name the Olympic gold medalist who Won Athlete of the Year Award at JAAA Golden Cleats Awards Ceremony.
(a) Michael Phelps
(b) Usain Bolt
(c) Chris Roy
(d) Carl Lewis
Answer (b) Usain Bolt

50. Which Australian pace legend was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame during the third Test between Australia and Sri Lanka starting from 4 January2013 in Sydney?
(a) Glenn McGrath
(b) Shane Warne
(c) Brett Lee
(d) Allan Border
Answer (a) Glenn McGrath

51. Name the player of Indian cricket team who 4 January 2013 was named as CEAT International Cricketer of the Year 2012
(a) Yuvraj Singh
(b) Gautam Gambhir
(c) Sachin Tendulkar
(d) Virat Kohli
Answer (d) Virat Kohli

52. Which tennis player duo claimed the ladies double final at the Brisbane International?
(a) Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupati
(b) Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek-Sands
(c) Saian Nehwal and Bethanie Mattek-Sands
(d) Sania Mirza and Serena Williams
Answer (b) Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek-Sands

53. Name the tennis player who claimed the WTA Brisbane International trophy with her first ever single Brisbane International Title?
(a) Venus Williams
(b) Serena Williams
(c) Anastasia Sergeyevna Pavlyuchenkova
(d) Maria Sharapova
Answer (b) Serena Williams

54. Name the third seeded Scottish tennis player who retained his Brisbane International Tennis Title after defeating the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov on 6 January 2013.
(a) Jamie Murray
(b) Andy Murray
(c) Roger Federer
(d) Ian Collins
Answer (b) Andy Murray

55. The Government of China recently launched a postage stamp to mark the year 2013. Name the animal depicted on the postage stamp?
a) Lizard
b) Snake
c) Dragon
d) Rabbit

56. Which kind of wine can distort the results of testosterone level in body?
(a) White Wine
(b) Rose Wine
(c) Purple Wine
(d) Red Wine
Answer: (d) Red Wine

57. Which is the largest cosmic structure in the universe that is powered by super massive black holes clump together? This structure was discovered by the astronomers in the first week of January 2013.
(a) Large Quasar Group
(b) Galaxy Filaments
(c) Inflationary universe
(d) None of these
Answer: (a) Large Quasar Group

58. Name the first Asian country to Order Chemical Castration of Child Rapist?
a) South Korea
b) North Korea
c) Afghanistan
d) Russia
Answer. (a) South Korea

59. US President Barack Obama on 3 January 2013 signed into law an annual Policy Bills, authorizing 633 billion dollars to be spent for 2013. The bill was earlier threatened by the White House to be exercised as a Veto. Name the Bill?
a) Annual Defence Policy Bill
b) Annual Employment Bill
c) Infrastructure Development Bill
d) Education Bill

60. Where was the first wind power project commissioned by National Aluminium Co Ltd (Nalco)
in the Month of January 2013?
a) Hyderabad
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kochin
Answer: (c) Andhra Pradesh

61. Scientists claimed that the 2-billion year old dark black rock, called Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 or Black Beauty is actually new kind of Martian meteorite which contains 10 times excess water than the normal. Where did this rock land in 2011?
a) Mexico
b) Sahara
c) Antractica
d) None of these
Answer: (b) Sahara

62. Astronomers studying about the newborn star observed glimpses of the planets which were forming around it. Astronomers were studying the HD 142527 which is __________ away from the Earth. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option:
a) 450 light years
b) 350 light years
c) 250 light years
d) 150 light years
Answer: (a) 450 light years

63. Which largest mountain glacier of the world was claimed to have been reduced to 5.9 km in its longitudinal extent from the time period of 1989 to 2009 because of increasing temperatures and presence of humans?
a) Gangotri
b) Janapa
c) Miyar
d) Siachen
Answer: (d) Siachen