Sunday, February 3, 2013


American Cup -Yatch Racing

Ashes -Cricket (Australia England)

Asia Cup -Cricket

Asia Oceanic -Tennis

Canada Cup- Golf(World Championship)

Colombo Cup -Golf (World Championship)

Colombo Cup -Foot ball (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar)

Corbillion Cup -World Table Tennis (Women)

Davis Cup -Tennis / Lawn Tennis

Derby- Horse Race (England)

Eisenhower Trophy- Golf (Amateurs - World)

Grand National -Horse Steeple Chase Race (England)

Jules Rimet Trophy- World Soccer Cup

King’s Cup -Air Races (England)

Merdeka- Football (Asian)

MRF World Cup- Cricket & Boxing

Prince of Wales Cup -Golf (England)

Schneider Cup- Seaplane Race (U.K.)

Swaythling Cup -World Table Tennis (Men)

Thomas Cup -World Badmintion

Tunku Abdul-Rahman Cup- Badminton (Asian)

U Thant- Cup Tennis

Uber Cup -World Badminton (Women)

Walker Cup- Golf (England)

Westchester Cup- Polo (England)

Wightman Cup -Lawn Tennis (Women of U.S.A. and England).

Wimbledon Trophy- Lawn Tennis

World Cup- Cricket

World Cup- Hockey