Thursday, January 12, 2017

Current Affaries II

1.       When China devaluates its currency India’s _________will increase? Trade deficit
2.      Gold modernization scheme is an attempt to reduce the import of gold and _________? Current account deficit
3.       _________is the processes of selling the shares to meet the financial requirement of the country? Disinvestment
4.       WPI is very less in India. But Still RBI governor is not cutting the rates and reiterating to wait for monsoon. Reason is _________. Food article prices and CPI is high
5.       The main motive of opening up payment banks is _________? Financial inclusion
6.       _________ Facility a payment bank will not offer? Credit card
7.       If you are a person who never took a loan from any bank. Your basis point for the probability to get the loan will be _________? Less
8.       National green tribunal has halted the Rs. 6400 crore hydro project in Tawang in _________state due to the threat to the future of a vulnerable black necked crane species? Arunachal Pradhesh
9.      ______is India’s first small finance bank that was opened in Punjab recently?Capital small finance bank
10.   World bank offered _________dollars to India for solar electricity projects? 1 b
11.   Small finance bank’s capital requirement is _________100crores
12.   Banks that cater to and serve the needs of a certain demographic segment of the population is called as _________ Niche banks
13.   Expansion of SIM is _________subscriber identity module
14.   Indian Government’s ___________plan (yojana) found place in Guinness Book of Records in 2014?
15.   In ___________state is Ken-Betwa River interlink? Madhya Pradesh
16.   Krishna- Godavari Rivers interlink in ___________State? Andhra Pradesh
17. Recently ISRO made a history by launching ___________number of satellites at a time with its PSLVC34 launch vehicle? 20
18.   Recently NASA’s ___________spacecraft landed onto Jupiter’s magnetosphere? Juno
19. Kyoto Protocol and Montreal Protocol are related to ___________Climate summits
20.   Lisbon Treaty is related to ___________ European Union
21.   ___________is the Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake which is located in Bihar? Kanwar Lake
22.   The next climate summit COP-22 will take place in ___________Marrakech, Morocco
23.   NDC is always heard in climate summit. The expansion is_____ Nationally determined contributions
24.   ___________is the football star player whose name was in Panama leakage money stashing cases and he faces other cases in tax evasion in his own country? Lionel Messi
25.   What is the main aim of amalgamating SBI with associates and BMB? To be par with leading banks of the world
26. The Government appointed ___________as the CEO of NATGRID (National Intelligence Grid)?  Ashok Patnaik
27.   ___________is the attorney general of India? Mukul Rohatgi
28. ___________is the capital of South Sudan where a week long civil war has claimed a large number of lives? Juba
29.   ___________is India’s Human Resources Development Minister and ___________is Information and Broadcasting minister? Javadeka  and M. Venkaiah Naidu
30.   Smriti Irani holds ___________ministry and Ravi Sankar Prasad holds ___________ministry? Ministry of Textiles
31.   In political term LoC is line of Control? In Economic term LoC is ___________? Line of Credit
32.   ___________is the chairman and MD of Exim bank, the premier export- import finance institution of India? Yaduvendra Mathur
33.   Exim bank decided to offer ___________$ to Kenya and Tanzania prior to PM Modi’s African visit? 240 Million
34.   ___________Chaired recently submitted UK’s Iraq -2013 war inquiry report. Sir John Chilkot
35.   Jayanth Sinha, previous minister of states for Finance shifted his portfolio to the minister of states for ___________Civil aviation
36. Henri Delaunay cup is related to ___________game. Foot Ball
37.   PM Narendra Modi signed 7 pacts and said India will build a cancer hospital, will extend $ 44. 95 to ___________African country during his visit to that country? Kenya
38.   ___________ is the president of Film and Television institute of India (FTII) and his appointment had hade widespread pretest among the students? Gagendra Chouhan
39. In aviation category India raised FDA from 49% to ___________percentage? 100%
40.   In Which of the following FDI is permitted? a) Lottery b. Atomic energy c.Real estate investment trusts d. railway operations e. None
41. Nicola Sturgeon is the first PM of ___________country which made a referendum to stay with EU after Briton’s referendum? Scotland
42.   Kannaya kumar and students’ protest in JNU were in news. He belongs to ___________political student party? AIYF
43.   ___________country’s visa H-1B visas for high skilled employees irked Indian companies. US
44. The explosion in Army’s Central Ammunition Depot in Pulgaon claimed 19 lives. It is in ___________state?  Maharashtra
45.   ___________cricketer will be the face of Kerala government’s awareness campaign against alcohol and drugs? Sachin
46. In ___________country the infamous Wat pha Luang Ta Bua tiger temple located? Thailand
47.   The shocking incident of mass murder of a man for allegedly keeping beef in refrigerator, also called as Dadri lynch happened in ___________ state? UP
48.   ___________is the Coach for under 19 indian cricket team and ___________is the coach for Indian cricket team? Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble
49.   Hilary Clinton will be the presidential candidate for US election. She belongs to ___________party? Democratic

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