Friday, January 25, 2013


The sex ratio represents the number of females for every 1000 males. The sex ratio for Tamil Nadu has increased from 987 in 2001 to 995 in 2011. The sex ratio for India is 940 in 2011 as against 933 in 2001.

Of the 32 districts in the State, 15 districts have returned a sex ratio of more than 1000 and a similar trend was noticed in 2001 Census also. Only one district namely Sivaganga has returned exactly the sex ratio of 1000 it is significant to note that among 12 districts sex ratio is ranging from 980 – 1000.

The highest sex ratio has been returned in “The Nilgiris” (1041) followed by Thanjavur district (1031). The lowest sex ratio was now reported in Dharmapuri district 946 but it was improved by 14 points compared to 2001 Census. Salem district has the second lowest sex ratio of 954. However, it is significant to note that the Salem district was reported as lowest sex ratio (929) in 2001 has improved to 954 in 2011.

It is noticed that sex ratio of Ramanathapuram district ranked as 4th in 2001 (1036) has now stood in 29th rank (977) and the sex ratio of Sivaganga ranked as 3 (1038) in 2001 Census has now gone to 16th position (1000).

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