Sunday, January 8, 2017


TNPSC VAO Syllabus

The general TNPSC VAO Syllabus of the exam includes:
General Studies

1) General Science
v  Physics
v  Chemistry
v  Botany
v  Zoology
2) Current Events
v  History
v  Political Science
v  Geography
v  Economics
v  Science
3) Geography
4) History and Culture of India and Tamil Nadu
5) Indian Polity
6) Indian Economy
7) Indian National Movement
Aptitude & Mental Ability Tests

Conversion of information to data-Collection, compilation and presentation of data – Tables, graphs, diagrams -Analytical interpretation of data -Simplification-Percentage-Highest Common Factor (HCF)-Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)-Ratio and Proportion-Simple interest-Compound interest Area-Volume-Time and Work-Logical Reasoning-Puzzles-Dice-Visual Reasoning-Alpha numeric Reasoning-Number Series
General English

v  Grammar
v  Literature
v  Authors and their Literary Works
Basics of Village Administration

v  The role, functions duties and responsibilities of a Village Administrative Officer in VILLAGE and REVENUE ADMINISTRATION
v  Accounts maintained and furnished by the VAO at the end of every FASLI YEAR.
v  Basic Principles / Information relating to classification of lands
v  Basic information on rates of assessment and annual revenue collection and forms of irrigation of land including those belonging to the Government
v  Scrutiny of accounts relating to Panachayat revenue
v  Role of VAO during calamities
v  Basic information relating to assignment of lands / house sites in Villages and Towns
v  Grant of lands for cattle or dairy farms
v  Levy of rents (Ground Rent / Quit Rent) etc
v  Exemption from land revenue
v  Unauthorized occupation of Government land basic information about Land
v  Procedure relating to conduct of inquiries in relation to age, marital status, income, domicile
v  Basic principles of and procedures involved in survey, sub-division of a survey field and knowledge of Field Management Book.
v  Direct Revenue collections made under various heads by the VAO
v  Specific duties during festivals and common Village functions
v  Basic information about Revenue Recovery Act
v  Basic information relating to forest lands and resources and sale of sandalwood and other valuable tress
v  Basic information relating to Adivasis / Tribals and the role of a VAO in extending special protection and support of the Government to them.
                                                                                   TNPSC VAO Exam Pattern
Duration of Examination
Maximum Marks
Minimum Qualifying Marks for selection
Single Paper in the following subjects in SSLC standard General studies (75items)+Basics of Village Administration (25 items)+Aptitude & Mental Ability Test (20 items)
3 hours
General Tamil / General English (80 items)
Total (200items)


TNPSC VAO paper contains two types of paper only. One e type of question paper will contain questions on General Studies, Basics of Village Administration, Aptitude & Mental Ability Test and General Tamil. The other will contain questions on General Studies items, Basics of Village Administration, Aptitude & Mental Ability Test and General English.