Friday, September 27, 2013


1.             Abhijit Sen Committee (2002) : Long Term Food Policy
2.             Abid Hussain Committee: On Small Scale Industries
3.             Ajit Kumar Committee : Army Pay Scales
4.             Athreya Committee: Restructuring Of IDBI
5.             Basel Committee: Banking Supervision
6.             Bhurelal Committee : Increase In Motor Vehicle Tax
7.             Bimal Julka Committee : Working Conditions ATCOS
8.             C B Bhave Committee : Company Information
9.             C Babu Rajiv Committee : Reforms In Ship Act 1908 & Ship Trust Act 1963
10.            Chakravarty Committee : Working Of The Monetary System And Suggest Measure For Improving The Effectiveness Fo Monetary Policy In Promoting Economic Development
11.            Chandra Shekhar Committee : Venture Capital
12.            Chandrate Committee: Delisting In Sharemarket
13.            Chore Committee : Review The Operation Of The Cash Credit System
14.            Dave Committee (2000) : Pension Scheme For Unorganized Sector
15.            Deepak Parikh Committee : To Revive Unit Trust If India (UTI)
16.            Dhanuka Committee : Simplification Of Transfer Rules In Security Markets
17.            G V Ramakrishna Committee : On Disinvestment
18.            Goiporia Committee : Improvement In The Customer Service At Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks
19.            Hanumant Rao Committee: Fertilizers
20.            J R Varma Committee: Current Account Carry Forward Practice
21.            Jankiramanan Committee : Securities Transactions
22.            JJ Irani Committee : Company Law Reforms
23.            K Kannan Committee : To Examine The Relevance Of The Concept Of Maximum ermissible Bank Finance (MPBF) As A Method Of Assessing The Requirements Of Bank Credit For Working Capital And To Suggest Alternative Methods.

24.            Kelkar Committee : Tax Structure Reforms
25.            Khan Working Group Development Finance Institutions
26.            Khusro Committee : Agricultural Credit System
27.            Kumarmanglam Birla Report: Corporate Governance
28.            Mahajan Committee (1997): Sugar Industry
29.            Malegam Committee : Reforms In The Primary Market & Repositioning of UTI
30.            Malhotra Committee : Broad Framework Of Insurance Sector
31.            Marathe Committee: Recommendation For Urban Co-operative Banks
32.            Mashelkar Committee 2002 : Auto Fuel Policy
33.            Mckinsey Report: Merger Of 7 Associate Banks With SBI
34.            Meera Seth Committee: Development Of Handlooms
35.            Narismhan Committee: Banking Reforms
36.            NN Vohra Committee : Relations (Nexus) Of Politicians With Criminals
37.            Parekh Committee : Infrastructure Financing
38.            Percy Mistry Committee: Making Mumbai An International Financial Center
39.            Prasad Panel : International Trade And Services
40.            R V Gupta Committee : Small Savings
41.            Raja Chelliah Committee: Tax Reforms
42.            Rekhi Committee : Indirect Taxes
43.            RV Gupta Committee : Agricultural Credit
44.            S P Talwar Committee: Restructuring Of Weak Public Sector Bank
45.            S Tendulkar Committee: Redefining Poverty Line And Its Calculation Formula
46.            Sapta Rishi Committee (July 2002) : Development Of Domestic Tea Industry
47.            Shah Committee : Reforms Relating To Non Banking Financial Companies (NFBC)
48.            SL Kapoor Committee : Credit & Flow Problems Of Ssis
49.            SN Verma Committee (1999) : Restructuring The Commercial Banks
50.            Tandon Committee : System Of WORKING CAPITAL Financing By Banks
51.            Tarapore Committee: Report On Capital Account Convertibility
52.            Udesh Kohli Committee: Analyze Fund Requirement In Power Sector
53.            UK Sharma Committee : NABARD's Role In RRB
54.            Vaghul Committee : Money Market In India
55.            Vasudev Committee: NBFC (Non Banking Finance Corp) Sector Reforms
56.            Y B Reddy Committee : 2001 : Review Of Income Tax Rebates
57.            A C Shah Committee: NBFC
58.            A Ghosh Committee: Final Accounts
59.            A Ghosh Committee: Modalities Of Implementation Of New 20 PointProgramme
60.            A Ghosh Committee: Frauds & Malpractices In Banks
61.            Abid Hussain Committee: Development Of Capital Markets
62.            Adhyarjuna Committee: Changes In NI Act And Stamp Act
63.            AK Bhuchar Committee: Coordination Between Term Lending InstitutionsAnd Commercial Banks
64.            B Eradi Committee: Insolvency And Wind Up Laws
65.            B Sivaraman Committee: Institutional Credit For Agricultural & Rural Development
66.            B Venkatappaiah Committee: All India Rural Credit Review
67.            BD Shah Committee: Stock Lending Scheme
68.            BD Thakar Committee: Job Criteria In Bank Loans (Approach)
69.            Bhagwati Committee: Unemployment
70.            Bhagwati Committee: Public Welfare
71.            Bhave Committee: Share Transfer Reforms
72.            Bhide Committee: Coordination Between Commercial Banks And SFC's
73.            Bhootlingam Committee: Wage, Income & Prices
74.            C Rao Committee: Agricultural Policy
75.            CE Kamath Committee: Multi Agency Approach In Agricultural Finance
76.            Chatalier Committee: Finance To Small Scale Industry
77.            Chesi Committee: Direct Taxes
78.            Cook Committee (On Behalf Of BIS - Under Basel Committee ): Capital Adequacy Of Banks
79.            D R Mehta Committee: Review Progress And Recommend ImprovementMeasures Of IRDP
80.            Damle Committee: MICR
81.            Dandekar Committee: Regional Imbalances
82.            Dantwala Committee: Estimation Of Employments
83.            Dave Committee: Mutual Funds (Functioning)
84.            Dharia Committee: Public Distribution System
85.            DR Gadgil Committee: Agricultural Finance
86.            Dutta Committee: Industrial Licensing
87.            G Lakshmai Narayan Committee: Extension Of Credit Limits On Basis OfConsortium
88.            G Sundaram Committee: Export Credit
89.            Gadgil Committee (1969): Lead Banking System
90.            Godwala Committee: Rural Finance
91.            Goiporia Committee: Customer Service In Banks
92.            GS Dahotre Committee: Credit Requirements Of Leasing Industry
93.            GS Patel Committee: Carry Forward System On Stock Exchanges
94.            Hathi Committee: Soiled Banknotes
95.            Hazari Committee (1967): Industrial Policy
96.            IT Vaz Committee: Working Capital Finance In Banks
97.            J Reddy Committee: Reforms In Insurance Sector
98.            James Raj Committee: Functioning Of Public Sector Banks
99.            Jankiramanan Committee: Securities Transactions Of Banks & Financial Institutions
100.          JV Shetty Committee: Consortium Advances
101.          K Madhav Das Committee: Urban Cooperative Banks
102.          Kalyansundaram Committee: Introduction Of Factoring Services In India
103.          Kamath Committee: Education Loan Scheme
104.          Karve Committee: Small Scale Industry
105.          KB Chore Committee: To Review The Symbol Of Cash Credit Q
106.          Khanna Committee: Non Performing Assets
107.          Khusrau Committee: Agricultural Credit
108.          KS Krishnaswamy Committee: Role Of Banks In Priority Sector And 20 Point Economic Programme
109.          L K Jha Committee: Indirect Taxes
110.          LC Gupta Committee: Financial Derivatives
111.          Mahadevan Committee: Single Window System
112.          Mahalanobis Committee: Income Distribution
113.          Marathe Committee: Licensing Of New Banks
114.          ML Dantwala Committee: Regional Rural Banks
115.          Mrs. KS Shere Committee: Electronic Fund Transfer
116.          Nadkarni Committee: Improved Procedures For Transactions In PSU Bonds And Units
117.          Nariman Committee: Branch Expansion Programme
118.          Narsimham Committee: Financial System
119.          Omkar Goswami Committee: Industrial Sickness And Corporate Restructuring
120.          P R Nayak Committee: Institutional Credit To SSI Sector
121.          P Selvam Committee: Non Performing Assets Of Banks
122.          PC Luther Committee: Productivity, Operational Efficiency & Profitability Of Banks
123.          PD Ojha Committee: Service Area Approach
124.          Pendarkar Committee: Review The System Of Inspection Of Commercial, RRB And Urban Cooperative Banks
125.          Pillai Committee: Pay Scales Of Bank Officers
126.          PL Tandon Committee: Export Strategy
127.          PR Khanna Committee: Develop Appropriate Supervisory Framework For NBFC
128.          Purshottam Das Committee: Agricultural Finance And Cooperative Societies
129.          R Jilani Banks: Inspection System Of Banks
130.          R S Saria Committee: Agricultural Finance And Cooperative Societies
131.          Raghavan Committee: Competition Law
132.          Raja Chelliah Committee: Tax Reforms
133.          Rajamannar Committee: Centre - State Fiscal Relationships
134.          Rajamannar Committee: Changes In Banking Laws , Bouncing Of Cheques Etc.
135.          Rakesh Mohan Committee: Petro Chemical Sector
136.          Ram Niwas Mirdha Committee (JPC): Securities Scam
137.          Rangrajan Committee: Computerization Of Banking Industry
138.          Rangrajan Committee: Public Sector Disinvestment
139.          Rashid Jilani Committee: Cash Credit System
140.          Ray Committee: Industrial Sickness
141.          RG Saraiya Committee (1972): Banking Commission
142.          RH Khan Committee: Harmonization Of Banks And Ssis
143.          RK Hajare Committee: Differential Interest Rates Scheme
144.          RK Talwar Committee: Customer Service
145.          RK Talwar Committee: Enactment Having A Bearing On Agro Landings By Commercial Banks
146.          RN Malhotra Committee: Reforms In Insurance Sector
147.          RN Mirdha Committee: Cooperative Societies
148.          RV Gupta Committee: Agricultural Credit Delivery
149.          S Padmanabhan Committee: Onsite Supervision Function Of Banks
150.          S Padmanabhan Committee: Inspection Of Banks (By RBI)
151.          Samal Committee: Rural Credit
152.          SC Choksi Committee: Direct Tax Law
153.          Shankar Lal Gauri Committee: Agricultural Marketing
154.          SK Kalia Committee: Role Of NGO And SHG In Credit
155.          SL Kapoor Committee: Institutional Credit To SSI
156.          Sodhani Committee: Foreign Exchange Markets In NRI Investment In India
157.          SS Kohli Committee: Rehabilitation Of Sick Industrial Units
158.          SS Kohli Committee: Rationalization Of Staff Strength In Banks
159.          SS Kohli Committee: Willful Defaulters
160.          SS Nadkarni Committee: Trading In Public Sector Banks
161.          SS Tarapore Committee: Capital Account Convertibility
162.          Sukhmoy Chakravarty Committee: To Review The Working Of Monetary System
163.          Tambe Committee: Term Loans To SSI
164.          Tandon Committee: Follow Up Of Bank Credit
165.          Tandon Committee: Industrial Sickness
166.          Thakkar Committee: Credit Schemes To Self Employed
167.          Thingalaya Committee: Restructuring Of RRB
168.          Tiwari Committee: Rehabilitation Of Sick Industrial Undertakings
169.          UK Sharma Committee: Lead Bank Scheme (Review)
170.          Usha Thorat Panel: Financial Inclusion
171.          Vaghul Committee: Mutual Fund Scheme
172.          Varshney Committee: Revised Methods For Loans (>2 Lakhs)
173.          Venketaiya Committee: Review Of Rural Financing System
174.          Vipin Malik Committee: Consolidated Accounting By Banks
175.          VT Dehejia Committee: To Study Credit Needs Of Industry And Trade Likely To Be Inflated
176.          Vyas Committee: Rural Credit
177.          Wanchoo Committee: Direct Taxes
178.          WS Saraf Committee: Technology Issues In Banking Industry
179.          Y H Malegam Committee: Disclosure Norms For Public Issues
180.          YV Reddy Committee: Reforms In Small Savings