Saturday, March 30, 2013

Important Works of Geographers

1. Illiad, Odyssey- Homer

2. “Ges-Periodos” – Description of the earth -Hecataeus

3. Ekumene- Eratosthenes.

4. Geographica -Strabo

5. Almagest or Syntaxis (on astronomy) The outline of geography (consisted of Graticule for place location) - Ptolemy

6. Historia Naturalis -Pliny

7. De Chorographica -Pomponius Mela

8. A book of routes & realms- Ibn Huakal

9. Kitab-al-Ashkal -Al Balkhi

10. “Kitab-Miraj-al Dhahab”, “Kitab-al-Tanbhwal Ishraf”, “Kitab-Akhbaral- Zaman” & “Kitab-al-Ausat”

11. “Kitab-al-Hind”, “Al-Qanum-al-Masudi”, “Tarik-ul-Hind”, “Kitab-al- Jamakhir”, “Ahal-al-Bagiya”, “Kitab-al-Saydna”, “Rashikat-al-Hind”-Al-Biruni

12. Amusement for Him who desires to travel around the world Roger’s Book-Al-Idrisi

13. Rihlah -Ibn Batuta

14. “Muqaddimah” – Introduction to world history -Ibn-Khaldun

15. Panch Siddhantika -Varahmihira

16. Siddhant Tatwavivek- Kamlakar

17. Introduction to Universal Geography- Cluvarius

18. Geography delineated forth in two bookes -Nathaneal Carpenter

19. Histoire naturelle (compendium about earth & living things) -Comte de Buffon

20. Geographia Generalis -Varenius

21. “Description regni Lapaniate et Siam” Varenius

22. “Critique of Pure Reason”, “Critique of Judgment” & “Anthropology from pragmatic point of view”
from pragmatic point of view” Immanuel Kant

23. Ankundingung Immanuel Kant

24. General Natural history & theory of Heavens- Immanuel Kant

25. “Kosmos” & “Relation Historique” -Humboldt

26. ‘Erdkunde’, 6 maps of Europe, Essays on Methodology Europe: A Geographical, Historical & Statistical Painting-Carl Ritter

27. ‘Anthropogeographie’, ‘Political Geography’- Friedrich Ratzel

28. ‘Das Ausland’ (editor) & ‘Geschichte der Erdkunde’.- Oscar Peschel

29. ‘Travel in the Columbian Andes’, ‘Geography: Its history character & methods’ , ‘A geography of man’ , ‘Transport geography’, ‘Economic Geography’-Alfred Hettner

30. Foundations of Regional Geography -Hettner

31. ‘Principles de Geographie Humaine’- Vidal Blache

32. Geographie Humaine: Essai de classification positive -Jean Brunhes

33. La Terra- Elisee Reclus

34. Les Sciences Geographiques- Camille Vallaux

35. Problems de Geographie Humaine- Albert Demangeon

36. ‘American history & its geographical conditions’, ‘Influences of Geographical Environment’.
-Ellen C. Semple

37. The pulse of Asia’, ‘Civilization & Climate’, ‘Principles of Human Geography’.-Huntington.

38. The geography of the central Andes -Isaiah Bowman

39. Morphology of the landscape -Carl O’ Sauer.

40. Physiography -Rollin D. Salisbury

41. Heartland Theory ’,‘ Britain & the British Seas’ & ‘Democratic Ideals & Reality’ -Mackinder

42. The geographical pivot of history Mackinder

43. Americas strategy in world’s politics Geography of the peace. -Nicholas Spykman

44. Geographic perspective on Urban systems- B.J.L. Berry

45. The quantitative revolution & theoretical geography -Ian Burton

46. The makers of modern geography- R.E. Dickinson

47. ‘Models in human geography’, ‘Locational Analysis in Human Geography’ & ‘Frontiers of geographical teaching’.-Hagget & Chorley

48. Geography: A modern synthesis- Hagget

49. Handbook of commercial geography- Chisholm

50. Cities in Evolution- Partrick Geddes

51. History of Civilization of England -Buckle

52. Geographical introduction to history -Lucien Febvre

53. Tableau de la geographie de la France- Blache

54. A Handbook of Physical Geography, Guiding principles of General Political Geography -A. Supan (German)

55. ‘Traite de Geographique Physique’.- De Martonne

56. Atlas de France -Margarie & De Martonne

57. “Geography made easy”, “American Universal Geography” “The American Geography” -Jedidiah Morse

58. Nature of Geography- Hartshorne

59. Perspectives on the nature of geography -Hartshorne

60. The decision process in spatial context -Julian Wolpert

61. Regional geography of India- R.L. Singh

62. The geography of Puranas- S. M. Ali

63. The nature of Cities- Harris & Ullman

64. Explanations in Geography (b) Social justice & the city- David Harvey

65. All possible worlds -Preston .E James

66. The structure of scientific revolution -Thomas Kuhn

67. The economics of location -August Losch

68. Limits to growth -Dennis Meadows

69. The city in history -Lewis Mumford

70. Spatial Organization of society-R. Morill

71. (A) Some aspects of Medical Geography (B) Asia- L.D. Stamp

72. The development of social physics -John Q. Stewart

73. Intervening Oppurtunities -S. Stouffer

74. The isolated state -Von Thunen

75. Space & Place in human geography -Yi-Fu Tuan

76. The spirit & purpose of geography -S. Woolridge