Thursday, January 31, 2013

General Knowledge

1 Who is called Indian Napolean?

2 How Many Planets are in Solar System ?

3 Which is the Highest Monument in India?
 Taj Mahal

4 How many spokes are there in our National flag?

5 Who was the first woman to receive Nobel Prize?
              Marie Curie

6 Kundara Vilambaram was a pronouncement by
              Veluthampi Dalava

7 The Periyar Tiger Sanctuary is located in the district

8 Maraman Convention is held on the banks of river

9 Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with 

10 "Yaksha Gana" is the folk dance of "

11 Human Rights day is observed on
              December 10

13 Who is the First Winner of Jnanpith award?

14 Bekal Fort is situated in the district of 

15 The Dance form Mohiniyattom was originated in

16 Who is the father of Economics?
              Adam Smith

17 Who has the right to open a cheque by cancelling the crossing

18 Decimal system of numbers has it s origin from

19 An example of an amphibian

20 An animal which conserves water for very long time
              Kangaroo rat

21 The first digit from the left on PIN code indicates
              Postal Zone

22 Great Britain is divided into 4 areas. Three of these are England, Ireland and Scotland. Which is the fourth ?

23 Alga is found in

24 Speed of sound is maximum in

25 Bhatnagar Award is given for the best work in

26 "Mohajir Quami Movement" is an ethnic group in which of the following countries ?"

27 The first woman Chief Minister of South India ?
              Janaki Ramachandran

28 Which of the following festival is celebrated in Gujarat ?
              Dang Festival

29 "England and Australia fight for "Ashes " then England and West Indies for"
              Wisdens Trophy

30 The plant which use Ammonia directly

31 "Political Freedom is the breath of a Nation" the slogan given by
              Aurobindo Ghosh

32 The Canal which connects Mediteranian Sea with Red Sea
              Suez Canal

33 Chemical Disaster Prevention Day was created on which day

34 Swayamsidha is an integrated scheme for which of the following ?
              Women Empowerment

35 Rome is situated on the banks of the river

36 P.T.Sivakumar Sharma is associated with

37 Where are battle tanks made in India ?

38 Which writs is issued bya high court commanding a person or a body to his or its duty ?

39 Article 40 of Indian Constitution lays down the establishment of
              Village Panchayath

40 The largest Carnivorous fish is

41 Gun Powder invented by
              Rogor Bacor

42 "Poolu" is "
              French Solidiers

43 "Take care to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get"

44 Who is the first Indian Batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests ?
              Sunil Gavaskar

45 When iron rusts, its weight

46 The Birbal Sahini Institute of Paleobotany is located in

47 "Operation Gentlemen" is related to"
              Cricket Match Fixing

48 Which of the following is not an example of Direct Tax
 (a) Income Tax (b)Wealth Tax (c)Gift Tax (d)Sales Tax

49 "Government By a One Man" is called"

50 Interpol was setup in the year