Friday, January 25, 2013

Abbreviations in tamil nadu

AIDS -Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome

ARS -Accident Relief Scheme

ASFR -Age Specific Fertility Rate

CBO -Community Based Organizations

CBR -Crude Birth Rate

CC -Conventional Contraceptives

CDR -Crude Death Rate

CFC -Consumption of Fixed Capital

CMIE -Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy

CMWSB -Chennai Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board

CrPC -Criminal Proceeding Code

DALP -Destitute Agricultural Labourers’ Pension

DANIDA -Danish International Development Assistance

DDWP -Destitute Deserted Wives Pension

DPEP -District Primary Education Programme

FDI -Foreign Direct Investment

FDRS -Family Distress Relief Scheme

GDI -Gender Development Index

GDP -Gross Domestic Product

GER -Gross Enrolment Ratio

GFCF -Gross Fixed Capital Formation

HDFC -Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDI -Human Development Index

HDR -Human Development Report

HIV- Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HUDCO -Housing and Urban Development Corporation

IAP -Indian Academy of Paediatrics

ICDS-Integrated Child Development Services Scheme

IEC -Information, Education and Communication

IFAD -International Fund for Agricultural Development

IMR -Infant Mortality Rate

IPC -Indian Penal Code

IRDP -Integrated Rural Development Programme

LFPR -Labour Force Participation Rate

MMDA -Madras Metropolitan Development Authority

MMR- Maternal Mortality Ratio

MTP- Medical Termination of Pregnancy

NCAER -National Council for Applied Economics and Research

NCERT -National Council for Education Research and Training

NHB -National Housing Bank

NLEP -National Leprosy Eradication Programme

NMCP -National Malaria Control Programme

NMEP -National Malaria Eradication Programme

NNMB -National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau

NSSO -National Sample Survey Organization

PNMR- Prenatal Mortality Rate

PPP$ -Purchasing Power Parity Dollars

RCH -Reproductive and Child Health

RHC -Rural Housing Corporation

SIRD -State Institute of Rural Development

TFR -Total Fertility Rate

TINP -Tamil Nadu Integrated Nutrition Project

TNAHCP -Tamil Nadu Area Health Care Project

TNCDW -Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women

TNCHF -Tamil Nadu Co-operative Housing Federation

TNEB -Tamil Nadu Electricity Board

TNMSC -Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation

TNSCB -Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board

UNCHS -The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements

UNDP -United Nations Development Programme

UNICEF -United Nations Children’s Education Fund

USAID -United States Agency for International Development

VHN -Village Health Nurse

VHS -Voluntary Health Services